Memorandum Example

Topics: Customer service, Customer, Alienware Pages: 2 (379 words) Published: April 13, 2013
106 New Drive

Sewaren, NJ, 07263

February 4, 2013

Michael Sith

1 Dell Lane

San Francisco, CA, 11576

Exactly one year ago today, I purchased an Alienware M15X laptop from your corporation to use both for school and for my leisure. I had an unfortunate accident where water spilled all over my laptop, causing it to shut down permanently. I called you to explain that my laptop was covered by the warranty I purchased along with my laptop. I received nothing but negative feedback. I was told that the warranty was void even though there were two weeks left on the warranty. I scanned my receipt and sent it over to your customer service department for review. The receipt had both the laptop and warranty purchases on it. I purchased both of these items on January 28th, 2012. I called when I was still able to access my warranty, however I have had no success with having the warranty honored

The warranty of the item should have been honored rather than ignored mainly because if they are saying that the customer is always wrong. It’s supposed to cover a wide variety of issues from physical damage to software damage. One of the variants of physical damage happens to be water. Even within the fine print, it states that within one year of the warranty (even two weeks prior to warranty cancellation) the warranty is still in effect. It also states that as long as it was within the time period, they would ask no questions and should start the process immediately to help me acquire a new computer. At this time I am anticipating a new replacement at no cost to me.

After many requests of getting this issue resolved, nothing happened and I would like to have my laptop replaced with a new one due to the fact that the warranty is still available. I have spilled water on the laptop, which was covered on the warranty and you guys have done absolutely nothing about it. In addition, I would also like to be informed if I would be able to get some more...
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