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On what shall be said in this Essay

The Medici were an illustrious family that rose to fame and fortune during the Renaissance. Starting as humble merchants, the family grew in fame and prosperity until the name was known throughout all of Europe. Every aspect of the Renaissance was influenced by them.

They influenced society as a whole, and their ways of relating to the different aspects of life set up standards that were followed, copied or completely avoided by their peers. They influenced the Catholic Church and Religionby having pPopes, cCardinals and bBishops placed in the Church that came from the Medici family. Those positions where obtained by money and by political persuasion and the image of power they displayed in society. The nobles, kKings, bBarons, and dDukes, all wanted their families to be married to the Medici due to the political influence and wealth they held. Though they started as merchants they soon rose and marriedand married among nobles and held positions of the highest power.

They The Medici influenced the aArts during the time of the Renaissance in many forms, mostly by sponsoring great artists from different venues and practices, helping notable artists like Michelangelo rise to greatness by sponsoring him. This generosity had thousands of artists flock to them to achieve success and brought a level of art to Italy that would have been unthinkable of without them. People who were on the same levels of society as the Medici , trying to be perceived as well highly as theyy were, continued this practice, which in return created this “RenaissanceRebirth” of the arts which helped sculpt, not only their society, but a whole period on European hHistory. Some members of the family went into practicing art themselves. Lorenzo de’ Medici was a poet and wrote on a broad amount of topics from nature to politics. From a base in 15th-century Florence, the Medici family used charm, patronage, duplicity, and ruthlessness to amass wealth and power among the politicians and government of Italy. The Medici’s also ignited Western history's most important cultural and artistic revolution, the Renaissance, but doomed their own society of the time. This epic drama in the courts, cathedrals, and palaces of Europe traces a family's greed and lust for power and a continent's battle to emerge from the Middle ages and remake itself. The economy was ruled under their extreme experience as bankers and merchants around most of Europe and helped them achieve political and social power amongst their contemporaries. Being a family of Merchants, The Medici’s main goal was to conquer or control all the port cities and towns that held an influence in trade. In the ports of trade the Medici also had their own banks in which they would charge loans and lend money to any and all who needed it. To charge interest was against the Church at that time but all banks would usually find a way around that. Some banks had their members take a loan and after the loan when they went in to pay the last payment they would turn in a gem or some other item of value, and that would be the interest paid for the loan. In using the arts, their power, the trade, and the banking industry to their advantage, the Medici rebuilt Europe into the glorious time period known as the Renaissance. The Medici Family:

Who Where They?
Before onewe can begin talking about the Medici and their influence upon one of the most famous events in European history we must first ask ourselvesthe questions must be asked: Who where the Medici?, Where did they come from?, How did they arise to their position of power?, How did they survive the changes and ups and downs of it, losing and gaining it again?. In this first chapter I plan to resolve all of those questions and talk as much as I can about the familyThe first chapter will clarify these questions as the Medici family history is explored.

In order to understand their influence we need...

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