Medici Family Outline

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The Medici Family

The Medici Family
Thesis Statement- The Medici family in Florence Italy were very rich, the Medici included several notable members: Lorenzo de Medici, Giovanni de Medici, Cosimo de Medici. And also some important women. The Medici Family

I. History of the family
A. Becoming established
1. 1. Giovanni de Medici took a job working in a bank, eventually taking over the bank where it later became known as the Medici Bank. a. a. Giovanni banned loans to princes and kings

b. b. Banking became the family’s main professional success 2. Money brought them power. Money came from the Catholic churches B. Lorenzo de Medici
1. a. A great patron of the arts.
2. 1.Talented poet, and an expert of the arts
3. 2.He was a diplomat, politician and patron of scholars, artists, and poets C. Cosimo de' Medici
1. 1.First from his family to influence humanism
2. 2. He patronized artists, architects, and scholars.

          II.Ways of money being spent by the family                      A.Power of the Medici                          1. During the Renaissance                                    a.Was responsible for the commissioning of many artists and artisans                                       b .Cosimo financed lavish charities                       2 .founded the Medici library and the academy for Greek studies B. Use of wealth

                                1 .used their wealth not only to build more wealth but to build prestige and exercise power and influence as well.                                 2 .they used much of their power to help the poorer citizens and to encourage artists to flourish and produce greater and greater work.                                 C. Influence on the city                      1.  The Medici family had become a dominant player in the textile industry, the spice trade and the...
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