Medical Tourism Promotional Action Plan

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Promotional Action Plan
Medical Tourism
Marvin Wilcox
Saint Leo University

Our marketing plan for 2013 will focus on several mediums that are aimed at providing detailed information on the company and services provided, reaching new targets and offering incentives to previous clients and maximizing exposure. Five venues were chosen to take full advantage of our budget of $100,000 .The following is a synopsis of each venue: 1. Building a website

2. YouTube videos
3. Social Media
4. Mass Mailing
5. Local Business Networking with Ambassador

Action Plan #1
* Action Item:A fully functioning professional website based in the U.S with search engine optimizing (SEO) at a cost of $25,000 to be implemented March 1, 2013. * Objective:With 87% of travelers using the internet for a bulk of their travel planning, medical tourism needs to take advantage of this opportunity to capture consumer attention.  Increasing our search engine optimization (SEO) makes it more likely that someone will find your business online. This will be our broadest advertising measure targeting that 87%. * Description:Our website will be equipped with a language translator with languages relevant to the geographic chosen. The website will present a strong brand by stating who we are, why we are better and the quickest means of contact. It will also present testimonials to provide credibility and build familiarity and trust based relationships. * Target Market:250 million underinsured Americans and the 20% of 250 million Americans that have pre-existing addition to the 750,000 Americans that already travel abroad for medical and dental services. Also the 38% of Americans that is open to health care abroad. * Metric:For the first 90 days of the website, we expect further inquiries of 35% of all site visitors, 50% registration to a free monthly newsletter and 68% of those visiting partnered tourism sites to be redirected.

Action Plan #2...
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