Mediated Argument Paper

Topics: Childhood, Female, Mattel Pages: 4 (1713 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Write a mediated argument paper on one of the following topics:

Hate Crime Laws
Toys for tots (Barbie, etc.)
Smoking (Tobacco)
Rudeness (modern manners)
Make sure you have the following in your essay:

-intro that defines and explains the issue

-discussion of both positions on the issue; be impartial here

-discussion of ideas shared by both sides; common ground

-solution that considers the interests of both sides


Note: Please, refer to, at least, four sources in your paper: two from Reading and Writing Short Arguments and two you find on your own. Use the the 7th edition of the MLA style. In addition, note that you should give an equal amount of space to each side and be neutral (ex. anybody who reads your paper should not be able to tell which side you support). Moreover, do not combine what the proponents and the opponents say regarding a specific issue in the same paragraph; break them up. For example, regarding a specific issue say what proponents say; in the next paragraph, explain what the opponents say regarding the same issue. See the sample essay for more details. Also, do not combine and discuss all of the opponents' points and then all of the proponents' points. You should discuss pro and con of the same issue right next to each other.

Please, refer to two essays from Reading and Writing Short Arguments (“Hate Crime Laws Are a Bad Idea,” “Special Crimes Need Special Laws,” “’Hate Crime Laws Change the Law,”' "Sex and the Single Doll,” “A Meditation on Barbie Dolls,” “The Q Gene,” “Smoking Is Bad for Everyone,” “Big Brother’s Two-Minute Hate,” “The Tyranny of the Majority,” “Rudeness Can Be Lethal,” “Public Servants Often Behave Like Masters,” and “Who’s Harassing Whom?”). In your paper, do not refer to essays that are not assigned (See the schedule). Follow the 7th edition of the MLA style in citations and the works cited page.

In your paper, you can use the first point of view (ex. I) or the third...
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