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Topics: Writing, Time, Logic Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: April 24, 2014
Graded Assignment
Planning an Argument
Answer each question below. You may use the notes you made in your Student Guides. (2 points)
1. What is the topic for your argument? State it in question form. Answer: Is it wrong for me to pick over population as my topic?

(6 points)
2. Write the thesis statement for your argument. It should consist of one or two complete sentences that clearly state your position on the issue and give a reason for your position. Answer: I’m writing about the importance of over population, and how it can be the downfall of us all if not acted apon.

(6 points)
3. Which pattern of organization will you use to present your details, and why? State specific details that make this pattern appropriate. Common patterns of organization are order of importance, logical order, chronological order, and spatial order. Answer: I will be using chronological order for my argument so it can show how fast it affecting us, and show how close it will start becoming noticeable.

(6 points)
4. Write a paragraph outline to use for your argument. Remember that a paragraph outline should include all parts of the essay: the introduction, each supporting paragraph, and the conclusion. Also remember to show how you will concede a point. Answer:

I’m writing about the importance of over population, and how it can be the downfall of us all if not acted upon. A population too big for the planet to handle can lead to scarce resources and food witch will drastically change the way our world and our rules work. No one will be able to own their own property and will be confined to an apartment type home. The luxury of getting full or ‘STUFFED’ when eating won’t be available because there won’t nearly be enough food for everyone and most likely won’t have 3 meals a day like we are used to. We must think of reasonable ways to change the course we are on to...
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