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Business research project

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• Tahira Nisar

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• Farrukh Zaman Khan
• Asadullah
• Usman Sabir
• Hafiz Usama Mehtab
• Rizwan Jabbar
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• Numan Saeed

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To my father, Muhammad Beram Khan, who make me stronger and give me a different positive point of view, my mother who gives me the best friendship , my brother Umer and Haider ,my friends ,Burhan ,Affan , Usman and haider --F.Z. Khan

To my parents Altaf Hussain and Hina Altaf, who grew me up and made me able to be a good person, my friend Zafir who gave me a lesion my life, my uncle Zeshan and, Yusra --Asad

To my ALLAH and my parents and my friends.

To my parents and all family who support me and arrange our transport and specially to my great grand father. Love you all… --Hafiz Usama Mehtab


Our human mind is complex thing to understand. When we percept something this information stored in our mind and through a complex process it also change our personality. This change in our personality can be positive and it can be a negative one. In other words we can say that consciously or unconsciously human personality is affected by its environment. Now all sources from which we get information or we can say that that part of environment from which we receive information is called media.

The part of media which is used for transferring data at broader level is called as mass media. In mass media we include all kind of public sources.

Newspaper, TV, movies, music, videogames, internet, FM etc…

As an observer we people have observed that human behavior use to change according to consequences. We also observe that people in present are becoming more violent, more negative minded, more defensive and more selfish.

Today if you ask someone for help the first thing he shall be interested in will be in his share in the return in form of money not in form of any pleasure.

As I said that environment affect on human behavior so in modern human behavior there should be some role of media. So` in our research we will find the reason of changes in human behavior and connection of these with mass media.

Problem statement

It is observed that human behavior is modifying negatively according to time. It has negative effects on our society. Is there any role of media in it? Who is responsible for it? is media is acting like a mirror or a projector or a informer?


Every day we receive information about all over the world. Mass media is the only source that provides information to us and we trust it blindly. We never try to know that either it is true or false or if we try we can’t do it because we can not be at the same place at same time. Information creates an impact on our mind and shapes our behavior. In this research we will try to find out the answers of these questions and explain these points in light of our experiences

❖ Is media the only forces that impact our mind?
❖ Are there other forces that are more effective than media? ❖ Why people become more defensive and more selfish?
❖ Can we blame media on our own created problems?
❖ Is it media or our perception that changes our personality? ❖ Sources of violence in the hood of entertainment
❖ Responsibility of parents
❖ Responsibility of media
❖ Our responsibility as a citizen
❖ Our responsibility as a teacher
❖ Our responsibility as a boy...
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