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Mountain Equipment Coop

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian outdoor consumer operative. In 1972, “We help people enjoy the benefits of self-propelled wilderness-oriented recreation,” became MEC’s first ever mission statement. MEC started with a niche market approach, adopting a focus strategy. Unsurprisingly, to adapt and maintain competitiveness, the organization’s business strategy has slowly shifted; since then, MEC has transitioned from a focus strategy to a growth and cost leadership approach. Nevertheless, the fundamental corporate values that gained MEC’s success, such as brand association to outdoor lifestyle and environmental sustainability, remain seen today. MEC continues to grow and evolve to over 15 retail locations across Canada, exceeding $270 million in annual sales internationally(MEC, About MEC).
Business Strategy
MEC was once viewed as a specialty store for outdoor enthusiasts; as the market transforms and consumer behaviors change, MEC is evidently becoming a cater-to-all business. Today, MEC’s mission statement reads “Mountain Equipment Co-op provides quality products and services for self-propelled wilderness-oriented recreation, such as hiking and mountaineering, at the lowest reasonable price in an informative, respectful manner. We are a member-owned co-operative striving for social and environmental leadership.”. From the new additional key words and phrases in the mission statement like “such as hiking and mountaineering”, “lowest reasonable price”, it suggests MEC is looking to target a bigger market outside outdoor fanatics at a cost competitive price point.
A growth strategy. A cost leadership.
MEC implements its organizational strategy in many ways. For example:
1) MEC seeks cost approach method such as outsourcing manufacturing to Asian countries like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India… etc; interesting, MEC does so with complete transparency (disclosing supplier’s geographic and business

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