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Topics: Colombia, Brand, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: April 19, 2013
A country is also a brand.

Applying branding techniques to promote countries has grown rapidly due to increased global competition. There are three objectives that make a country wants to strengthen or create its branding strategy: attract tourists, stimulate the foreign investment and promote the exportations. In order to boost the image of COLOMBIA, in 2007 the Ministry of Tourism and International Affairs developed a brand called COLOMBIA IS PASSION.

After a briefly SWOT analysis, strengths as people, culture, natural resources and history, were established as well as the weaknesses, consequences from the scourge of violence and Illegal drug trade. Nevertheless Colombia has a great opportunity through brand strategy in order to wipe off the threat of the dangerous image around the world.

The core values of the brand are the diversity of landscapes and the the spirit of the people, in addition to the passion as a characteristic that identifies Colombians, according to a research conducted by the Universidad del Rosario, Colombia. As a derivative of this research, the clear, engaging and relevant slogan COLOMBIA IS PASSION was transmitted in a first phase to the national population with the purpose of become them loyal to the country brand. In a second phase, the country brand was communicated to all of the national and international institutions who work promoting Colombia overseas.

The communication was targeted to consumers from both sexes aged between 25 and 60 years old, passionate for traveling, for visiting great natural landscapes while practicing sport activities and interested to discover new cultures, hence their educational level is superior to high school and their income is over 20.000 us per year, insomuch as the Colombian peso is lower against the dollar.

Analyzing competitor’s brand strategy and their promises: “Brazil is calling you”, “Wherever you need, is now in Peru”, and “Visit Mexico” the promise of Colombia results very...
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