Measure Success

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Measuring Success

As with all measurement systems and sub-systems, one focusing upon recruitment should be designed to manage and measure staff recruitment efficiency, effectiveness, and alignment with the culture, mission, and strategy of the organisation. Apart from surveys and interviews the following represent a few ideas on how the recruitment and selection process and/or its indicators can be measured:

Lead time or Hiring cycle e.g. time taken to fill an employee vacancy from advertisement to offer, acceptance of position and start of work. Explanation:
This is a measure of the organisation's efficiency in filling employee vacancies measured by the number of hours consumed by the whole process. Internal Promotion e.g. % employees promoted from within the company; or % of vacant positions filled by internal promotion. Explanation:

This measure that provides an indication of the focus on employee development and the effectiveness of succession planning. This can be used to encourage internal promotions, career progression, and employee loyalty. Internal promotion lead time e.g. average lead time to promotion; or average lead time for promotion from bottom grade to senior management. Explanation:

This measure can provide data on the average time between promotions for employees in the organisation. Employee replacement and recruitment cost e.g. average costs involved from recruitment and induction and any loss of personnel, to being trained to basic level of role required. Explanation:

This measure provides an indication of how much it costs to replace an employee. This cost may be more significant to organisations with a high employee turnover. Areas to consider include: Personnel time (HR and/or appropriate manager(s)); Agency/outsourcing fees; Advertising;

Temporary staff coverage;
Pay overlap of incoming and outgoing employee;
Special pay-off conditions for outgoing employees;
Training of recruit to basic role level;
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