McDonalds CSR

Topics: Global Reporting Initiative, Sustainability reporting, Report Pages: 4 (1262 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Social Responsibility Audit of McDonalds Company
Social Responsibility Analysis for McDonalds CSR
McDonalds operates in fast food industry. Given the competitive pressures in fast food market, McDonalds holds highest market share in terms of sales. McDonalds exists across the globe and has expanded in emerging economies before the main competitors expanded such as Burger Kind. Concerns for healthy food consumption and obesity are increasing therefore McDonald’s values its policies regarding stakeholders and local community. McDonalds is reporting its social responsibility policies in a separate form than Annual reports. In its annual report, McDonalds evaluates its stakeholder policy in terms of values in action, our communities, employment practices and charity services (McDonalds, Values in Action, 2013). Under the section of values in action, McDonalds Company evaluates supply chain and supplier selection strategies. Policies taken to ensure that supplier relations are maintained in long run and rules managed in supply chain relations are emphasized. The overall sustainability report of the company is included in this section but we consider that sustainability practices of McDonalds Company are valuable because of the natural and healthy food habits. In the same section, mention is made to animal welfare which of greatest importance because McDonalds operates in fast food industry (McDonalds, Our Communities, 2013). The second part of the social responsibility report of McDonalds includes the communities or stakeholders of the company. But this part is not sufficient because not all the most relevant stakeholders are included. Charities, small communities and employees are mentioned but not with sufficient details (McDonalds, Our Communities, 2013). The third part in the annual report of McDonalds is employment practices. Talent management, employment value, and teaching diversity are included. This section emphasizes that main assets for McDonalds are...

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