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An Analysis of McDonald's Advertising Campaign

“I’m lovin’ it!” Without doubt one of the most used and recognizable phrases for the past decade. McDonald's has successfully used these three words to change the way society eats and thinks. Along with the famous phrase, the golden arches and the use of famous personnel have contributed to McDonald's brand recognition. Anywhere in the world you are bound to see or hear some advertisement pertaining to the famous fast food restaurant. McDonald’s marketing team successfully gained it’s worldwide popularity and appeal by using different rhetorical strategies namely famous people, catchy slogans and phrases, affordability and appealing products.
McDonald's spends a large portion of its revenue on further marketing the brand. Their expensive marketing and advertising campaigns have been highly effective, contributing to McDonald's famous burgers and fries being found in all four corners of the globe. One would have to question their aggressive and rigorous marketing approach, the majority of people worldwide have either seen the famous golden arches or tried a McDonald's product in their lifetime, and seems unnecessary to market their products so extensively, still today. A fundamental reason why McDonald's is one of the largest and most recognizable companies in the world is due to their advertising approach and ethical appeal. McDonald's target market does not focus primarily on one demographic, however it seeks to attract all ages, sexes and races- a catalyst for their national and global success.
The advertisement which I chose incorporates all the traits in which the McDonald's franchise is known and famous for. The commercial shows Lebron James, one of the most recognizable and famous athletes worldwide, eating a McDonald's burger before practicing. This advertisement seeks to tell the audience that the best athlete in the...

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