Mcdonalds being beneficial to society

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Gopal Patel
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McDonalds beneficial to society
Despite all the negative informal attributes and its negative stigma, McDonalds has many positives. McDonalds is in fact a very important and helpful food chain in our society as well as the world. McDonalds does more good than harm in the world, for instance providing jobs, giving back to the community in terms of charity and sponsoring many sports organizations as well as supporting many minors’ pursuits in sports. McDonald’s should not be looked down for causing problems to people such as obesity and their lack of nutritional food. For these reasons, McDonalds should be insinuated and credited with more positive aspects.

McDonalds is one of the largest fast food chains in the world, and it is known to give the most amount of jobs to teens and young adults. Since the qualifications to work at McDonalds are competitively low it gives teens and young adults an opportunity to work in a fast food environment. Working at McDonalds is a great stepping stone for many teens. These young teens get a chance to work with others which help build their social skills needed to get ahead in later jobs. McDonalds also is known to have the largest labor force for any fast food franchise, many people in the world depend on McDonalds to support their careers. There are well over 1.6 million people working at a McDonalds and this is known to be the highest employment rate for a fast food chain (Franchising and entrepreneurship). No matter what level an individual is at, they can always rely on McDonalds to hire them without hesitation.

McDonalds is known to be the biggest annual fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald house for sick children. Did you know that 10 cents from every happy meal purchased goes to charity? McDonalds is the top money making fast food chain in the world, they sever 15 million families daily with almost 28.1 billion dollars of revenue last year (studymode-job analysis). Out...

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