Mcdonald Customer Service

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Customers are attracted to a business by many factors but the most important ones are product value, product suitability, and product function. The factors here that apply to McDonalds are mostly product value and maybe product suitability. Customers are bothered about how much McDonalds charge them for the burgers, because if McDonalds charge too high then people would not be attracted to McDonalds. E.g. a burger for $4. However, on contrast if you charge too low then people would think your product is of a very low quality and would not be that interested in coming to McDonalds.

And for all these specific reasons McDonalds take very serious measures to insure that customers are satisfied with their product value, and to insure that they conduct a market research to find out what customers would spend regularly at McDonalds and what kind of products they like to see introduced and what they should be priced at.

McDonalds also consider who their customers are and what their requirements are. Most of McDonalds customers are low/middle income who cannot afford to pay that much for there food especially in this economic situation, so they do not set their prices to high to put them off McDonalds.

McDonalds cater for a large sector of group of people men, woman, children, businesspersons, families.

For children they organize birthday parties, you can ring up McDonalds and book to do a birthday party. They also sell the happy meal, which is one of their major sales and is aimed at little children as it comes with bright packaging and with little gifts and toys for them.

For buisnemen, they provide them with wifi, which gives them an incentive to stay and use it to carry on their work they are doing, which probalaly will result in them buying something to eat from McDonalds.

There is many ways in which customers can find out about new products that are coming out they can go on the official McDonalds website or they can watch the TV, MacDonald’s is...
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