Maze Runner Book Report

Topics: Knowledge, The Runners, The Glade Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: February 25, 2014
October 11, 2013
Period 1
Maze Runner Book Report

Thomas is the narrator and protagonist of the story. He arrives in the maze with no knowledge of who he is or was. He only remembers his name and nothing else about his life. Thomas proves to be brave and clever even though he only has a very limited memory of previous knowledge of the Maze. Since arriving in the maze, Thomas makes both friends and enemies and proves to be a leader among the other boys with him in the maze.

Teresa is a teenage girl who mysteriously arrives in the maze a day after Thomas. She tells everyone that everything is about to change in the maze, before slipping into a coma. Thomas is sure that he knows Teresa from before, but can’t remember. Later, it’s revealed that she had worked with Thomas to create the maze. They become close friends over the course of the novel and Teresa helps Thomas and Chuck deactivate the Maze during their escape. She is the only female character throughout the entire book.

Alby is the leader of the gladers(The group of boys living in the giant maze), and has authority over much of what goes on in the Glade(the only safe area in the maze). He is hot-headed but experienced. Only a few Gladers, those who have been there the longest, ever see fit to question Alby's decisions. After being stung by a Griever(giant slug like monsters armed with weapons and made to guard the maze), Alby undergoes a Changing and becomes convinced that they should not return to the outside world. He wishes to stay in the Glade and even tries to sabotage an escape plan. Alby dies during the escape attempt by throwing himself onto a Griever.

Thomas wakes up in a metal box with no memory of who he is. He only remembers his name. Dorrs open overhead and reveal a community of young boys living on a type of farm Surrounded by giant walls The place is called the Glade. Outside the Glade and beyond the walls is a massive Maze. Thomas learns that in the maze are monsters known...
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