Matrix Organisation

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What is a Matrix Organisation?
Different organisation are structured and designed differently. This is to notify the tasks and duties of the employees and the way that organisation works. An organization is a systematic arrangement of people brought together to accomplish some specific purpose. In other words, it is a collection of people working together in a division of labour to achieve a common purpose. There are various ways a company can be divided into. For example, a large coffee chain can either be split to self-sustaining teams in retail outlets, or a team may look after coffee bean supply across all outlets in a region. This is what we call as departmentalisation, which is a process of grouping into separate units activities that is similar and logically connected. Organisation can also be divided accordingly to their functions, such as the production, human resources, and sales marketing. Common types of departmentalization are, functional departmentalization, product departmentalization, geography departmentalization, and process departmentalization. A matrix organisation is a hybrid form of structure – functional and divisional structure. It creates dual chain of command since they are assigned with project and their original functional department work. The two managers the employee has to report to are functional manager and product/project manager, who share the authority. Both managers have to communicate regularly, coordinate work demands on employees, and resolve conflicts together. This type of organisation is getting more popular because of it provides many advantages. An example is matrix organisation makes sharing of information more efficient since the project manager reports directly to two persons in charge, and this requires less time than usual. Not only that, the communication among the employees can also be enhanced and improved. Their skills to speak and listen, attitudes, knowledge on particular topics are definitely...
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