Maths Worksheet

Topics: Marketing, Phil Morrison, Dinghies Pages: 2 (476 words) Published: June 18, 2013
CLASS 8:- Math Revision Worksheet
Topic: Profit and Loss
1. A shirt is purchased for Rs 400 and sold for Rs 460. Find the profit and profit percentage. 2. Sonal purchased an article for Rs 2500 and sold it at 25% above the CP. If Rs 125 is paid as tax on it, find her net profit and profit percentage. 3. By selling an article for Rs 34.40, a man gains 7.5%. What is its CP? 4. On selling tea at Rs 40 per kg, a loss of 10% is incurred. Calculate the amount of tea (in kg) sold, if the total loss incurred is Rs 80. 5. By selling an article for Rs 960, a man incurs a loss of 4%. At what price should he sell the article to gain 16%. 6. A person bought 20 chairs for Rs 12000 and sold them at a profit equal to the SP of 4 chairs. Find the SP of each chair. 7. The cost price of 25 books is equal to the selling price of 20 books. Find the profit percentage. 8. A colour TV and a VCR were sold for Rs 12000 each. The TV was sold at a loss of 20% whereas the VCR at a gain of 20%. Find the gain or loss percent on the whole transaction. 9. A customer gets a discount of Rs 78 on an article if a discount of 12% is allowed. Find the MP and SP of the article. 10. The printed price of a book is Rs 250. A shopkeeper sells three books for Rs 697.50 after allowing a discount at a certain rate. Find the rate of discount. 11. The CP of an article is Rs 375 which is 25% below the MP. If the article is sold at a discount of 20% on the MP, find MP, SP, and Profit Percent. 12. Two dealers offer an article at the same list price. The first allows successive discounts of 25% and 15%, the other allows 30% and 10%. Which is the better offer? 13. Find a single discount equivalent to three successive discounts of 20%, 5% and 2% . 14. A dozen pair of socks quoted at Rs 160 is available at a discount of 10%. Find how many pairs of socks can be bought for Rs 60? 15. Two successive discounts of 10% and 2% are offered on the marked price of an article. Find the selling price if the marked...
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