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Topics: Arithmetic mean, Price, Car rental Pages: 5 (1951 words) Published: October 22, 2012
Generate Expressions
1. If a coffee company purchases paper cups at a cost of x cents for a package of ten and lids at a cost of y cents per dozen, which of the following represents its material cost, in cents, of c cups of coffee? 2. If a car rental company charges $100 for each rental, a dollars per mile, and b dollars per hour, which of the following represents the total cost to rent a car for 6 hours and travel 250 miles? 100 + 250a + 6b 3. In a library there are currently B bookshelves, each with 40 books. C new bookshelves are added, then 5 books are added to every bookshelf in the library. How many books have been added to the library? 45C + 5B 4. A boat drifts down a 200-mile river at a rate of 6 miles per hour for the first h hours. In terms of h, where h < 30, how many miles remain to be traveled? 200-6h 5. If Sarah earns d dollars per hour for babysitting, and t dollars per hour of travel time, which of the following represents her earnings after babysitting for 4 hours and traveling one hour to the family's house? 4d+t 6. The cost of a pair of shoes is S dollars. If the shoes go on sale for P percent off of their original price, and Joey buys them with a coupon for an additional C percent off of the sale price, then what price does Joey pay? | |

| |
7. If Peter can mow the front lawn in 15 minutes less than twice the time it takes Amanda to mow the lawn, and Amanda can mow the lawn in h hours, which of the following expressions represents the time in hours it takes Peter to mow the lawn? 8h - 1|

8. Joe can ride his bike M miles in 1 hour. If he lives 3 miles from school and it takes him N minutes to get there, which of the following represents M in terms of N? 180|
9. If each support cable can support p pounds, and the total weight of an elevator is m pounds, which of the following represents the number of cables required to support the elevator? m/p 10. If Kat is four years more than twice as old as Andrew, and Kat is a years old, which of the following expressions represents the age of Andrew? 11. If Rick takes 10 seconds more than two-thirds the time it takes Ted to run the 400 meter dash, and Rick runs the 400 meter dash in s seconds, which of the following expressions represents the time it takes Ted to run the 400 meter dash? 12. The original price of for a meal is p dollars. During lunch, however, the restaurant offers a discount of x percent. Janet also uses a coupon that offers y dollars off the discounted price. Which of the following represents the price, in dollars, that Janet paid for the meal? 13. A flagpole twelve feet tall casts a shadow two feet long. If Jill is standing next to the flagpole and casts a shadow that is x inches long, how tall is Jill, in feet? 14. A repairman charges f for the first hour of work and d dollars for each additional hour. If he earns $445 working one job, and he is there for more than one hour, which of the following expressions represents the time he spent at the job? 15. If the average (arithmetic mean) of the 3 numbers above is 3y, what is x in terms of y? y 16. An apple orchard has n trees, and each tree typically produces a apples in a season. If the orchard plants m additional trees, in terms of a, n and m, what will be the expected total yield of apples? am + an 17. If the average (arithmetic mean) of w + 2 and 3w is y and the average of 3w – 4 and w is x, what is the average of x and y? 2w - ½ 18. A laptop battery, when fully charged, can power a computer for h hours. The battery takes j minutes to fully charge. If the battery charged for k minutes, and k < j, which of the following represents the amount of time, in hours, the battery can power the computer? 19. Susan is paid m dollars per hour for the f hours she works at the local record store. If she works more than f hours a week, Susan is paid an additional k dollars per hour for each additional...
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