Mass Media in General and Newspapers

Topics: Translation, Dynamic and formal equivalence, Literal translation Pages: 35 (12424 words) Published: May 22, 2012
1. Rationale
Mass media in general and newspapers in particular nowadays play a very important role in our lives. Many people even say that living in the world without newspapers is like living in an isolated island. Newspapers help us become informed citizens and make better decision by providing a lot of facts. Hard news stories, vital statistics, weather, sports stories and scores and even calendars are examples of items that help inform readers. Some newspaper articles help interpret or explain the meaning of news to readers. Besides, newspapers provide services to readers that is providing information help readers solve business, home, recreation and daily living problems. Moreover, some items in newspapers are designed to amuse or to provide enjoyment to readers such as feature stories, humor columns, puzzles and comics. Meanwhile headlines are considered to be one of the most important parts of newspaper articles. According to Loic Hervouet (in Vu Quang Hao, 2001), headline is a decisive factor to the fate of an article. An interesting article with a bad, unattractive headline will cost half number of possible readers. In addition, we are living in the world of mass media, mass communication with the booming of internet. We have demands to know, communicate, and exchange news and information beyond our own countries. But language difference is one of the barriers for us. So the job of translating foreign newspaper articles, especially English newspaper articles, is very important. Observing Vietnamese newspapers, especially online newspapers, we can see that a large number of information is taken from foreign news agencies such as Reuters, AP, AFP, and BBC… So that is why I carry out the “Study on translating English newspaper headlines into Vietnamese newspaper headlines on Dantri online newspaper”. 2. Scope of the study

The study focuses on the English headlines from some foreign news agencies’ articles and their equivalent headlines on Dantri online newspaper (, particularly focuses on language structures (forms) and functions of these newspaper headlines. 3. Aims of the study

The study aims at:
* Criticizing the translation of English newspaper headlines Vietnamese headlines on Dantri online newspaper to find out translating rules and problems which a translator may face in translating newspaper headlines * Giving some suggestions for improvement of the translation of newspaper headlines 4. Methodology

The thesis follows Newmark’s (1988) comprehensive criticism of a translation to make judgments on translation of 150 English headlines into Vietnamese headlines on Dantri online newspaper. And the translation is seen under the light of Newmark’s (1988) approaches which are semantic and communicative translations. Besides, Mårdh's (1980) model and Loic Hervouet’s classification of newspaper headlines are used to analyze English and Vietnamese headlines on Dantri online newspaper. The data are collected on some popular foreign news agencies such as AP, Reuters, AFP, BBC and Dantri online newspaper thanks to the help of my collogues who are working as translators for Dantri online newspaper. They are asked to provide the English articles/news stories for every translated articles/news stories on Dantri online newspaper so that I can collect and make Tables of English news headlines and their translated headlines in Vietnamese. 5. Design of the study

This paper is divided into 3 parts. The first part (Part A) is the introduction which shows the reasons why the topic is chosen, what the study aims at as well as the limitation of the study and some outlook on the methodology. The second part (Part B), development, consists of 3 chapters. Chapter I discusses the theoretical background of every matter mentioned in the title of the study related to newspaper headlines and translation. Chapter II and III are analysis of the headlines selected in...

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