Analysis the Stand of Apple Daily and Describe the Effect to Public Audience

Topics: Mass media, News, Next Media Pages: 3 (916 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Topic: Analysis the stand of Apple Daily and describe the effect to public audience

Apple Daily is a Hong-Kong-based tabloid-style newspaper founded in 1995 by Jimmy Lai Chee Ying and is published by its company, Next Media.Apple Daily provide local news, international news, finance, real estate, entertainment, celebrities, sports, horse network and supplements. The newspaper also provides real-time news. Nowadays, Apple daily is the best-selling newspaper in Hong Kong. “An apple a day” already becomes a habit in many Hong Kong’s reader mind. Here, I will analysis the stance of this newspaper base on the content and the picture they use and describe the possible effect.

Apple Daily is a newspaper which has their own stand in the content. Their position tends to support democracy and free will ideology. And their economic position in favor of free market doctrine. This two position is the framing of Apple Daily, reader can see it in their framing characteristics. First, in textual mechanisms way, the headline will use light color, bigger size and shaper text. Not some as other newspaper, the writer of Apple Daily will use some rhyming sentences or metaphor for the headline. In the A1 news, kickers is the must, the function of the kickers is elaborate the headline. In visual mechanisms, there are some photographs under the headline, the function is attract the reader and enhance or support the topic. Take 2003/7/1 front page for an example, the tittle is “Let take to the streets, I will wait til you show up.” And the kicker is “Procession. No Tung Chee Hwa anymore.” Also, the logo is Tung Chee Hwa, but it vilify. Democracy topic always being the headline, writer always use negative words to describe the government, it show the stand of anti-government. Apple Daily News attaches great importance to the layout, images, text, vice, and often placed on the front page of a large number of pictures, large colloquial slogans, to take advantage of fashion...
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