The Codes of Ethics of the Society of Professional Journalist

Topics: Journalism, Ethics, Mass media Pages: 22 (7435 words) Published: July 12, 2012
2- The New Face of “Yellow Journalism”5
a- Rules 5
3- The Society of Professional Journalists5
a- History 5
b- Today5
4- Why is it so important ? 6
5- What does it provide for journalists ? 6
6- What is the aim ? 6
7- Believe6
8- The Law and Ethics of Journalism 6-7
a- Journalists8
b- Examples8
c- Need8
d- Dilemmas can be placed under two broad categories: 8
* The first category8
* The second category8
e- Resolution of issues8-9
f- Australian journalism was reporting for work in which the only reference to ethics. 9 g- In a future era9
9- Ethical9-10
a- Some of ethical decisions faced by journalists are straightforward9 b- Beyond these basic principles9-10
10- Evolution of Codes of Journalism 10
11- Radical Approach10
a- It highlights critically10
A- Seek Truth and Report It11
* Truth11
B- Be Accountable11
* Comprehensives11-12
C- Minimize Harm12
* Privacy12
D- Loyalty12-13
E- Confidences13
F- Act Independently13
* Freedom13
13- Journalists’ Code of Ethics: Time for an update? - Steve Buttry14 a- Seek Truth and Report It14
* Journalsit Should14-18
b- Minimize Harm18
* Journalist Should18-19
c- Act Independently19
* Journalist Should19-20-21
d- Be Accountable21
* Journalist Should21-22
14- Nancy Grace, Yellow Journalist22
a- Trends22-23
15- The Society of Professional Journalists23
* Al Tompkins23
16- Conclusion24
17- References25-26


Journalism has a wide area in media and although such technology it is still preserving its power and effects. With changing technology, newspaper has started to keep up with the times. It has published on the internet and broadcasted television. Thus, newspaper is reached every home and every people. In this case, people think about the reality and objective of events and they asked temselves what is journalism, journalist and newspaper ? Is there a real case or emotions otherwise are they lying and are there real rules ? “ Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about things that really happened, but that they might not have known about already.” “ Journalists work in many areas of life, finding and presenting information.” However, for the purposes of this manual we define journalists principally as men and women who present that information as news to the audiences of newspapers, magazines, radio or television stations or the Internet. Of course, they publish their news according to some rules. “ A newspaper is a publication that is issued daily or weekly and includes local and international news stories, advertisements, announcements, opinions, cartoons, sports news and television listings. It is an important method of letting the public know everything that is happening in their local area and around the world. Even with the advancements in computer technology, newspapers continue to be an important aspect of everyday life. “

In the past, when first newspaper published, people did not know what was good or bad for themselves. Newspaper had published just government or church and journalists had worked for they. In the process of time, newspaper had started to leave hand of government or church and private newspaper was born. Thus formal newspaper had started lost its price and this process is continued at the present time. But with Yellow Journalism changed everything, yellow journalism may include exaggerations of news events, scandal-mongering, or sensationalism. So, people had started to feel discomfort. Because not everything was not good there, They asked themselves what was a good concept and ethic? Thus, journalists decided to change to some things...
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