Martha Macaskey

Topics: Ethics, Virtue, Integrity Pages: 7 (1921 words) Published: October 24, 2012
1. As Martha McCaskey, what is your plan of action for finishing the Silicon 6 project?  Please map out your detailed plan of action.

Alternative #1
Ask Chuck Kaufman, the senior associate to do it instead
This is a better option because he is a professional in terms of this type of work, he feels a personal obligation to do it for his managers and managing the overall project is preparing McCaskey for her promotion and the type of work she would encounter there.

For finishing the Silicon 6 project- I plan on hiring Chuck Kaufmann to complete the job that I already started. All he had to do was meet with Devon and get the required information that the client company is requesting (the cost structure)

I would then pay Devon the premium $7000 consulting fee.
When going with the idea that you are setting up your own manufacturing facility- ask questions for how much chips are needed, what their costs are, what all equipment you need etc.

2) What is troubling Martha McCaskey? Do you agree with her assessment of the situation?

Many things in the organization trouble Martha.
-Starting with the views of the senior managers
-Her manager was very laid back and so there was no clear set of rules for people who worked beneath him.
-The organization itself had no defined rules or policy standards to follow so this gives individuals a lot of role ambiguity and they cant differentiate between what is right or wrong
-Work overload and huge performance expectations, created burnout for many employees and therefore retention rate dropped significantly
-Dual project assignment became a standard, She failed to speak out after the first standard was set and this led to senior management thinking it was okay, she needs to be more assertive

* Not much acknowledgement of employees- lowers organizational citizenship behavior, no communal feel to the workplace * Growing resentment for the firm and its bonus policies * No trust in employees, very secretive, this can lower morale and also create a major rift for the leader-employee relationship * Much less open work environment

* All employees feel that the work they are conducting is crossing ethical boundaries but nobody speaks up because they all still want their job * Because of the lack of policies or standards, everyone has their own view of what ethics is- McCasket thinking pretending to be someone else is fine, Malone thinking lying about the representative cost structure is okay * The boss is not there, so nobody to really supervise the employees and see how they do ethically

The plan of action is to pay Devon off.
Silicon 6 clients was 20% of revenues- getting paid double the fee for this project- more projects to follow if this is done
Have Devon do several analyses of manufacturing the chips

The IAD division was staffed entirely with outsiders
Blurred line between senior associates and group managers
Davies who is McCaskey’s manager was very laid pack and this caused problems when you need direction on projects or firm policy
This setting standard thing
Richardson and Davies were overloading her with work because she does a good job on her current projects, overloading will lead to huge inefficiencies
Dual assignment also became a standard

Growing resentment for the firm and its policies, also bonuses
No acknowledgement of employees, no sense of care and this lowers organizational citizenship behavior
No trust in employees, very secretive, this can lower morale and also create a major rift for the leader-employee relationship, much less open

Kaufmann, he has a personal attachment, and he cant tell when hes being taken advantage of
All employees felt that they were being unethical when conducting this work but they still did it because it was part of their job
All about your own personal values- McCaskey feels...
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