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Brief intro about the company
Seleries was a medium-sized consulting firm based in Chicago, with offices in New York, LA and San Francisco which was founded in 1962 with three accounting professors from the Chicago university area. It grew up fast with 500 employees by 1996. It had the high reputation of high technical standards and professional standards and maintained its formal think-tank atmosphere. It expanded into four main divisions: management control and systems, financial services, general management, industrial analysis Industrial analysis is the smallest and youngest of the 4 divisions, formed in 1987 to increase demand for industry and competitive analysis by clients of the firm’s financial services and general management divisions. It was separate division operating from San Francisco mainly because much of the demand came from California and Silicon Valley, the senior vice president; Richardson was well connected with California. IAD was staffed entirely with outsiders.

Intro about the members in the case study:
Martha McCaskey: completed her MBA from Harvard University and joined Seleris as project lead for silicon 6 study. Ty Richardson: senior vice president
Tom Malone: vice President
Bill Davis and Bud Hackert: group managers
Phil Devon: he had been vice president at Target Company for 12 years earlier The remaining 11 senior associates formed 2 groups reporting to 2 different managers. The group reporting to Hackert was called old guard (they all worked for Richardson in his consulting firm in LA). The group reporting to Davies was called new guard (all had MBA from top-tier schools). The old guard worked strictly on individual projects

The new guards spend their time equally between individuals and team projects.

The main problem with IAD is ethical issues (unethical way of getting proprietary information was very common in this division).

The senior vice president Ty Richardson was mostly driven by money.

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