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Executive Summary
A&W Restaurants, Inc. is a chain of fast-food restaurants that specialize in root beer and root beer floats. It is the first fast food restaurant in Singapore and expansion was fast in the early nineties, but in 2003, A&W’s Singapore operations came to an end. Many Singaporeans grew up eating A&W, and that is one reason why many people are protesting for it to make a comeback in Singapore. Hence, our campaign will draw an emotional appeal, focusing on the theme, “Bringing back the good old memories”. Based on this central theme, this report covers the Public Relations, Sales Promotions, Personal Selling, Direct Marketing and Budget proposed for the nature of our campaign. A survey was conducted and given out to 80 random applicants to find out more about what they think of the organisation. Online research was also done to examine some of the risks or problems faced in the marketplace, its potential, competition, unique selling advantages and A&W’s current positioning. Lastly, we have come up with creative strategies to enhance the advertising campaign. “Bringing back the good old times” focuses on the old days so we will mainly be using traditional media to stay consistent to our theme. As many youngsters these days use social media to connect, we will also be using a few online methods to stay connected to the new generation. Lastly, putting into consideration the aspects of our personal selling, sales promotion, direct marketing and advertising costs, the proposed costing for the total campaign will be approximately $137,707. IMC Objectives

* Advertising
To bring back A&W to Singapore by creating brand awareness through focussing on our central theme, “Bringing back the good old days” and to create the likeability of amongst 80% of our target audience. * Public Relations

To create interest and maintain positive image for A&W by drawing as much publicity as possible, and gain huge exposure to reach out to our target audience with 30% additional publicity. * Sales promotion

Uses price, coupons to help drive and increase attendance by 30% and to also encourage brand switching. Increase consumption and A&W’s sales by at least 3% and to add at least 5% to overall market share by 2015. Agency Introduction

Based in Singapore, APG Advertising Pte Ltd was established in 1996 providing a comprehensive range of services. We take the task of understanding the business and propose attractive promotions or campaigns, tailored to your specific industry and budget. We also help clients and our teams put more creativity into campaign planning and capable of handling a variety of advertising for business of different natures. Our teams of professionals, armed with expert knowledge of current trends in the market, embark on providing refreshing marketing ideas to kick start your businesses. We service to not only the local market, but also have our global networks, particularly to Asia, such as Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand. APG Advertising Agency possesses skilled employees who have combined experience of over 25 years servicing to the local and international industry. We are a fully accredited service agency. We have run print ads, bus advertisements, MRT advertisements, radio/television commercials, point of sales ads, marketing brochures, brand building and have even created websites. Some of the big firms who have used our services include Bank of China, Maybank, Hyflux, Serta, etc. Accreditations from well-known Institutions

* Association of Accredited Advertising Agents, Singapore (4As) * Institute of Advertising, Singapore (IAS)
* Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
* MediaCorp Singapore Group (MCS)
Various Campaigns (Pls refer to Appendix)
* Aberdeen
* Realstar
* Singapore International (Motor Show)
* Natas Travel
Background Research
Client’s Background
A&W Restaurants, Inc. was established in 1919...
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