Marketing Research Paper

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Marketing Research Paper: Nike vs. Adidas
The battle is on between Nike and Adidas since both companies are the two largest widespread sports apparel manufactures in the world. Statistics show Nike having the upper hand and governs the sports market around the world except in Europe in sales and sponsorships. Nike owns the Jordan Brand, Umbro, Hurley, Converse and Cole Haan; whereas, Adidas owns Reebok, Taylor Made Golf Company and Rockport. Nike is contracting more than seven-hundred shops all over the world and has offices located in forty-six countries including the United States; however, most of its manufacturing companies are located within Asia. Each company is obligated to have a motto to facilitate customers with what the company’s purpose is and to abet positive recognition to the company’s brand; therefore, Nikes trademarks are the popular Swoosh logo and “Just Do It.” In contrast, Adidas proudly developed their motto to be “Is All In” which has facilitated them to compete with Nike and the other brands each day. Their stunning, trendy trademark logo is a three parallel stripe design. Adidas is a German sporting apparel manufacturer founded in 1948; furthermore, is most popular in Europe and second in the world behind Nike. The company’s yearly fiscal revenue is close to $14 billion United States dollars. Adidas manufactures many types of shoes ranging from baseball, basketball, football, motorsports, outdoor, rugby, running, skate, and soccer. Just like any sport, the business companies compete each day for the top position on the podium rankings. Each company has to work with their suppliers to aid to their costumers satisfaction and gain new business each day. In the marketing plan tactics, each company has to develop their own mission statement; therefore, Nike has developed one of the most inspiring mission statements to the customers across the world; which happens to be "to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body you are an athlete." This mission is simple; yet, it gives their goals and objective to inspire people, not just athletes. On the other hand, Adidas mission statement in summary is more rounded as they “strive to create the best and most productive workplace in the world by creating a working environment that stimulates team spirit and passion, engagement and achievement instilling a performance culture, based upon strong leadership, setting the ground for winners. Fostering an understanding of social and environmental responsibility for the world in which we live; for the rights of all individuals and for the laws and customs of the countries in which we operate providing a secure working environment and they are committed to their company and their customer’s wants and needs.” Adidas is one of those companies that have completed this task as it prepares to fight against Nike to become the number one company in the market for footwear and sports apparel. With Nike and Adidas being in the same market they have similar demands they have to focus on such as competition, technology and the economy. Nike basketball shoes are known to create the best shoes for athletes to compete at top performance due to their sheer design. One of the most popular Nike shoe’s line is the Nike Hyperdunk, which is a shoe that most basketball players feel most comfortable wearing. According to reliable reviews, this shoe is regarded to be the lightest basketball shoes that Nike has made. Weight is an important factor for basketball shoes since basketball is a highly strenuous sport that includes not only running but also jumping. It is important that the shoes, like the Nike Hyperdunk, are light so that it won't encumber the running speed and the jumping ability of the player. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant all wear a special addition of the Nike Hyperdunks. Another Nike creation that has captivated a lot of basketball players is the Nike...

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