Valuation of Nike Corporation

Topics: Stock market, Stock, Shareholder Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Thomas Owens
Finance 4620- Nike Valuation

Nike was established in the early 1970’s, and ever since its creation, has never looked back. Nike was the Greek goddess of victory, and with the accomplishments the company has made they have done just that, become victorious. Nike is known around the world as one of the most well known athletic distributors. They can be found in every athletic store with their worldwide symbol, the Nike “swoosh.” Nike is described as being growth company, and today is the worlds leading innovator in athletic equipment. Nike, being much larger than the creators probably ever envisioned, now not only develops just one product but develops footwear, apparel, and athletic equipment and accessories, with a huge market presence. Even though it has expanded since its birth, they have only expanded into markets that are similar to what it originally started with, athletics. With these new markets being opened up for Nike, they have been able to almost corner the market. With Nike being one of the most well known athletic companies, with a worldwide presence, they have now created long term sustainability. Each market they have entered into, whether it is athletic shoes or their clothing, they have seemed to capture the markets attention and stay a leader in everything they do. The Nike “swoosh” symbol is one of the most well known trademarks, even comparable to companies such as McDonalds; giving Nike a major advantage over their competitors. Even with their major success, they wouldn’t be where they are today if it wasn’t for their highly innovative products that have changed the way athletic equipment is made today. Nike has become victorious in all it does, and will remain that way for years to come. Nike has been able to make their shareholders, or business tenants, content throughout their lifetime. Nike is able to give one clear, simple, consistent produce. They create athletic equipment and seem...
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