Marketing Report on Mcdonalds

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Letter of transmittal

December 09, 2009.

Suntu kumar Ghosh

Course Instructor

MKT 301 (Marketing Management)

BRAC Business School

BRAC University, Bangladesh

Subject: Submission of the Project Work on the Marketing Plan of McDonalds

Dear Sir,

With due respect, we want to state that, it was a great pleasure and honor for us to submit our project report of MKT 301 in the context of Marketing Plan of McDonalds in Bangladesh.

Basically in this report we have tried to develop different Marketing strategies, like- product strategy, pricing strategy, distribution strategy and promotional strategy.

We are very much glad that you have given us the opportunity to prepare this assignment and hope that this project work will meet the standards of judgment. But there may be some mistakes due to various limitations. Therefore, we beg your kind consideration in this regard. Any kind of suggestion and clarification will be accepted cordially. Your kind advice will encourage us to perform better Project work in future. Yours sincerely,

Sifat Afrin(07204009)
Tamanna Lutfa(07204012)
Sadia Afrose(07204033)
Md. Khaleduzzaman Sowrav(07204005)


To make the customers satisfied and maintain the long lasting relationship with the customers are the main things to exist in the business world successfully but to make customers satisfied is the most difficult thing for a company because almost everyday people are getting new products and that is why their expectation regarding the products become high day by day. It does not mean that we are not able to fulfill their expectations but we should always try to think about new ways to make them satisfied by knowing what they want, what they try to get from any particular product. But now a day no consumer is satisfied with only the quality product. And the scope to the organization to provide a very exceptional product is almost impossible with the availability of the technology. In order to make a sustainable development the company has to differentiate their offerings with enriched product line & extensive marketing. Marketing deals with the efforts of making the consumer delighted by informing & servicing them. In this project we have tried to discuss all of the major things related with launching a new product professionally. Here we have chosen the most renowned McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE: MCD) which is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants serving nearly 47 million customers daily. In our country we have many famous fast food shops but in the business world McDonalds have different image to the customers for their exceptional offerings. The advantage of launching this product is, there is already a huge demand of McDonalds in our country and people are eagerly waiting for this that is why to grab the market in our country as a new product McDonalds won’t need to wait for a long time. We have analyzed our competitive environment. Through the pathway of the plan we have find some highly positive sides of the company for which it will go a long way with this new company. At the same time we have sort out some problems. The foods that McDonald provides like chicken • French fries • soft drinks • coffee • milkshakes • salads • desserts these foods people has already tasted so we have to present these foods more deliciously and interestingly so that we can maintain long lasting relationship with the customers.


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