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Marketing: The Only Route to Sustained Competitive Advantage

Report for the attention of the main board of Andersen

Module Title: Marketing Management

Ulster Business School

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2.1 Overview1
2.2 Environment and Customer Needs Analysis1
2.3 SWOT Analysis2
2.4 The BCG Matrix Analysis3
3.1 Product Range Strategy5
3.2 Pricing Strategy6
3.3 Promotional Strategy7
3.4 Selling and Distribution Strategy (Place)7


Figure 1: Andersen's BCG Matrix4
Figure 2: Facets of marketing strategy (source: Chisnall 1995)4 Figure 3: The Ansoff Matrix (source: Chisnall 1995)5
Figure 4: The Product Life Cycle (source: Dibb et al. 2001)5 1. INTRODUCTION

Andersen is a private healthcare provider currently operating across many countries in Asia and Europe. It operates 22 hospitals with more than 4,000 beds and other patient centres internationally. It has a team of more than 2,000 specialists working in preventative healthcare, medical and surgical care as well as rehabilitation.

The function of this report is to outline and assess the performance of Andersen in the current market, and to propose the future marketing strategies in order to increase Andersen’s market share and profit.

This report will be focused on three sections. First section is to provide an up to date analysis on the current market position and overall performance of the company. Second section provides suggested future marketing strategies for the company. Finally, the key marketing lessons learnt will be reflected. This will aid company decision makers to utilise the positive aspects and avoid the mistakes.


2.1 Overview

Andersen is committed to global leadership in the provision of integrated healthcare services. It delivers clinical expertise in a wide range of medical and surgical fields. Andersen works closely with pharmaceutical companies for clinical research and medical trials. It also has its own colleges to provide training and continuing professional development for nurses and medical staff. Andersen’s concept of “Medical tourism” is at the heart of its operation and this is proved to be very successful from patient testimonials.

However despite Andersen’s current business success, it constantly faces competitions from other private healthcare providers and the public sector. Moreover, all of the top management team members of Andersen are medical and surgical practitioners rather than management or marketing professionals.

Andersen’s goals and objectives are to continue to remain close to the needs of their stakeholders and end-customers in order to maintain a differentiated position in the healthcare market. In order to be successful, Andersen needs to adopt effective marketing strategies to remain competitive in the healthcare market in the future.

2.2 Environment and Customer Needs Analysis

The healthcare market in which Andersen conducts its business can be broadly split into the public sector and the private sector. Many countries provide basic public funded healthcare for free, whereas others, such as China, do not provide free public healthcare. Andersen operates in the private sector where it occupies less market share than its public counterparts. Andersen also faces competitions from other private healthcare providers in the market.

In terms of distribution, Andersen operates its businesses throughout Asia and Europe and has an extensive network of hospitals, medical centres and Medical Referral Centres. Andersen’s “special packages” that enable...

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