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Task 1
There has been a new trend leading to increase in demand for broken colour effect paints. This demand for special effects paints was realized by ICI Dulux Trade Paints and they introduced a new product for fulfillment of demand for broken effect. Competitors of Dulux getting aware of market demand they also launched special effects paints and at cheaper cost to consumers. The entrance of competitor turned the sale of Dulux products down. As Marketing Consultant this is a report to Marketing Manager, stating the Marketing Audit, SWOT analysis, segmentation, branding and positioning. This report gives a brief idea to marketing manager about what are the weakness and how he can make his company overcome that weakness. Marketing Audit

The ICI Dulux Trade Paints is Britain’s leading supplier of paints. Noticing the popularity and increase in demands for broken colour effects, ICI Dulux introduced a Duette, Sonata and Acrylic Scumble Glaze product which gives broken colour effects. However the sales for this product had shown a continuous increase but, recently there is a decline in sales for same product. This drawback in sales indicates there is some weakness in Dulux. Hence, to find the weakness of company there is a need for marketing audit. “A marketing audit is a comprehensive, systematic, independent and periodic examination of a company’s or business units, marketing environment, objectives, strategies and activities with a view to determining problem areas and opportunities and recommending a plan of action to improve the company’s marketing performance.”

(Kotler. P and Keller. 2006)
Marketing Audit key aspect area –
* Internal marketing environment
* External marketing environment
* Review of current marketing plan
The first point considers on organization internal aspects that effects organization marketing and sales of products. External environment is comprised of larger aspects dealing outside of organization, but having a vital impact on internal environment. It deals with the organization power to fulfill demands of consumers. The third aspect is for review of current plan and every individual aspect involved in it recommending suitable changes from the results of review. Marketing environment plays a significance role in marketing audit i.e. macro and micro environment (Wilson, R.M.S & Gilligan, C. (2005a)

Micro and Macro Environment – The marketing micro environment is composed of forces stopping point to the company that affect its ability to serve customers including companionship strength and weaknesses as well as company suppliers and competitors. Macro environment comprises of larger aspects such as political, economic, social and technological which affects the micro environment. (Sandhsusen, Richard, L. 2000)

As a Marketing Consultant to the Marketing Manager, the aspect that marketing manager should consider, why is Dulux loosing there sales against there competitor? And with what features and environment did Dulux entered this market? Concluding from all questions and referring to uniform environment change, Dulux require establishment of an information system or a team that records the change in demand, trends and improvement in market. There is a need for SWOT analysis. SWOT is an important tool of Marketing Audit. SWOT helps marketers to understand the organization strength, threats, weakness and opportunities. (Wilson, R.M.S & Gilligan, C. 2005b)

ICI Dulux Trade Paints – SWOT Analysis
* Strength – ICI Dulux Trade Paints is leading paint supplier of UK with Goodwill for supplying quality product. It has over 130 outlets in UK with 52 extensive ranges of colours. Dulux major distribution of paints is among contractors, builders, wholesalers and retailers.

* Weakness – There is low degree of awareness in market for Dulux broken effects paints. This indicates there is less attention paid by Dulux on promotions of...

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