Marketing Product(Puma)

Topics: Shoe, Athletic shoe, Footwear Pages: 2 (762 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Product is a good or service that meets the requirements of market and segment. It can be tangible and intangible. There are three different types of products which are Shoe, Apparel and Accessories.. Plus, Puma continue to focus on the expansion of existing business categories while remaining true to our 3 labeling segments: under the Sports Performance pillar (orange label), they accommodate Teamsport, Running, Training/Fitness, Sailing/Outdoor and Golf. Motorsport, Lifestyle and Fundamentals falls under Sport Lifestyle (red label), and the category Black Station will remain under Sport Fashion (black label). In the shoe industry, it has Men shoes, Women shoes and Kids shoes. In Men’s shoe department, there are 24 types for Men shoes and Puma is more focus on Puma Speed Cat out of 24 types of shoe. Puma Speed Cat is one of the popular types of Puma Shoes. Puma are more likely to the men may probably due to the design and look very sporty. The Puma Speed Cat is exactly what you need in a casual, everyday sneaker. Inspired by European streetwear, it includes a leather formstripe on suede construction that creates an interesting look and texture. It'll pair well with jeans and sportier clothing. Every man can appreciate a quality pair of shoe especially those athletes act their whole life on the play ground. For Women’s shoe department, it insists of 9 different types of shoes. Puma Sandals is the most popular in women’s department. It not just only for sport used but also for shopping used. A thong-style synthetic leather upper features a nylon toe post, as well as elastic panel in the rear for a flexibly snug fit. Next, in Kid’s shoe department, there are shoes for every age to help parents learn more about the options that best fit on their child situation. Puma Excitemo R HG Soccer Cleat is one of the popular Kid’s shoes. Soccer cleats are fit tight and snug around the foot. It helps to protect the child foot. The Puma’s apparel for Men, women and...
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