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  • Athletic Shoe and Nike

    is a major publicly traded sportswear and equipment supplier based in the United States. was founded in 1962 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight‚ and officially became Nike‚ Inc. in 1978. It is the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. Nike markets its products under its own brand as well as Nike Golf‚ Nike Pro‚ Nike+‚ Air Jordan. Point Of Parity (POP) Nike catagorized itself in the high-end sport shoes segment

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  • Athletic Shoe and Valentino Shoe Incorporation

    the world has replied on pens and papers. Problem such as missing orders and information sent to the wrong places arise. Furthermore‚ some could not be able to handle the massive volume of orders‚ under the old manual ordering system The Valentino Shoe Incorporated facing the problem about the accuracy‚ the ability to advertise their products and take action in trigger updates of their new arrival products to the people‚ everything and every details is written down manually in paper there will be

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  • Athletic Shoe and Reebok Tennis Shoes

    Foster and Sons. This company made hand-stitched athletic shoes for a lot of the top athletes during that time. This paved the way for the creation of Reebok International‚ still in England‚ which was founded by two of Joseph Foster’s grandsons. The name "Reebok" is African for gazelle. In 1979‚ a man by the name of Paul Fireman bought an exclusive (Wheelen/Hunger‚ 14-4) North American distribution license from Reebok to market the Reebok shoe in the United States. He started off by marketing

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  • Case Study: New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

    Study Case #2: New Balance Athletic Shoe‚ Inc. New Balance has been one of the top five producers of athletic footwear in the world for over thirty years. Nike is the leader with 43% of the global market. However‚ the combining of the second and the third most powerful producers (Adidas & Reebok) has created a new rival for Nike in terms of size‚ and has boosted Adidas’s shares in the US. In fact‚ The U.S. Athletic shoe industry is considered to be a very fertile land. The demand is constantly

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  • New Balance Athletic Shoe Company: Situational Analysis

    Situation analysis New Balance Athletic Shoe Company has been ranked the third in the US Athletic shoe industry. During the financial year 2007‚ it recorded revenues of $1‚630 million‚ an increase of 5.2% over 2006 (www.businessweek.com). Since the athletic shoe market is highly competitive‚ New Balance is trying to figure out how to compete in this highly competitive market against such industry giant like Nike‚ Adidas/Reebok. Below is a SWOT analysis of New Balance. SWOT analysis Strengths

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  • New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc.: Strengths, Threats and Opportunities

    Case 27: New Balance Athletic Shoe Inc. Name: Fernandez‚ Carla Rose M. Year: 5th Year Date of Submission: August 7‚ 2013 CASE PROPER I. Objective * To be more competitive in the market * To open all possible opportunities for the company a. Expand and innovate their product lines b. Increase market share and increase loyal customers II. Statement of the Problem * Operational issues such as high labor cost‚ high inventory and longer lead

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  • Mercury Athletic Footwear

    Overview of Active Gear: 1. Active Gear is a relatively small athletic and casual footwear company $470.3 million of revenue and $60.4 million of EBIT compared to typical competitors that sold well over a $1.0 billion annually Company executives felt its small size was becoming more of a disadvantage due to consolidation among Chinese contract manufacturers. Specialty athletic footwear that evolved from high performance to athletic fashion wear with a “classic” appeal. Casual/recreational footwear

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  • Athletic Shoes Industry

    Athletic Shoes Industry Strategy Comparison Report of Nike‚ Inc. and Adidas AG wei 4/30/2010 ABSTRACT This report is an analysis of the athletic shoes industry on both a global and U.S. market. This report is to analyze the external and internal issues facing this athletic shoes industry‚ and the companies that operate within it. This analysis includes a comparison of Nike‚ Inc. and Adidas AG who are footwear manufacturers in the world. However‚ Nike spent thirty years developing from the

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  • Athletic Footwear Industry Analysis

    Athletic Footwear Industry Analysis Group #1 TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION PAGE Table of Contents 2 Industry Analysis 3 Nike Firm Analysis – 9 Adidas Firm Analysis – 15 Asics Firm Analysis – 21 Puma Firm Analysis – 27 Mizuno Firm Analysis – 33 New Balance Firm Analysis – 39 Skechers Firm Analysis – 45 I. Industry Definition The athletic footwear industry includes all producers of shoes designed in an athletic style or for an athletic

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  • Under Armour: Shoe Marketing Analysis

    1 Under Armour “Name” “Course" “Assignment” “College” “Instructor” 2 Abstract In this paper‚ I will be explaining the marketing approaches that Under Armour shoe division is taking in competing against rivals competitors in the shoe division‚ its approach and initial take on expanding into the field‚ also some key factors in different marketing approaches and direction it’s heading in. I will be discussing concepts used regarding corporate image and brand management and integrated marketing

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