Marketing and Product

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Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan
Assessment Code: MKT1
Student Name: Lauren Lambert
Student ID: 295309
Date: 3/4/2014
Mentor Name: Aneesah Sultan

Table of Contents
Mission Statement3
The Product3
Consumer Product Classification4
Target Market4
Competitive Situation Analysis5
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model5
SWOT Analysis6
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Market Objectives8
Product Objective8
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Marketing StrategiesError! Bookmark not defined.
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Tactics and Action PlanError! Bookmark not defined.
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Monitoring Procedures10

In today’s world, it seems as if everyone is constantly on the go, leaving little time to tackle the simple tasks. These tasks often make the difference between someone having a horrible day and having a great day. Preparing and eating a delicious and nutritious breakfast is one of those daily duties that will make the difference. However, in a study published by the American Diabetic Association, more than 1/3 of the United States skips breakfast, the most important meal of the day, due to demanding schedules and hectic morning routines. From busy working moms, to overwhelmed college students, everyone deserves a chance at a quick and healthy breakfast to begin a great day. Because Company G is dedicated to providing consumers products to improve the quality and convenience of their lives, we have provided a way for the average busy person to have their breakfast with the time left to eat it too! Our top of the line personal blenders will allow consumers to create a delicious, nutritious, and easy to take on the go breakfast. It’s also great for creating dishes to spice up a party or bringing life back to boring dinners in a flash. Mission Statement

“We enable consumers to improve the quality and convenience of their lives by providing high quality, innovative, electronic solutions.” The Product’s Support of Our Mission Statement
Company G has developed our new line of personal blenders with top of the line features to ensure convenience and quality. Because the product was developed with the wide array of people who have hectic schedules, the compact design is ideal for apartment and dorm-room living. The sleek, compact, sturdy design also allows for on the go portability, for those consumers who may want to show off heir appliance at a friendly get together. It includes a blending jar that can also be used as a travel cup that fits in standard cup holders. The blending jar also comes with lids to either store left over contents or microwave items. Its display panel is easy to read and the simple one touch pulse and blend buttons allow for easy operation. Built in sensors also allow the consumer to walk away while blending, without the worry of overflowing or over blending. The 175 – watt motor, along with heavy duty stainless steel blades, make for a reliable, long lasting, efficient blender. Its smaller size allows for portion control and the ability to create single servings to avoid waste. It also comes in a variety of colors to fit the consumer’s kitchen décor. We also offer a wide range of attachments to add versatility to the product. The clean up is just as easy as the usage. The entire blending jar, along with all attachments, is dishwasher...
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