Redesigning the Classic UGG Boot

Topics: Ugg boots, Boot, Sheepskin Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: April 21, 2014
In this paper, I analyze the current design and redesign product of the classic UGG boot. The classic UGG boot is made up of sheepskin material and features a fleece interior creating a preferred cozy-casual style. One major flaw that has not gone unnoticed is the UGG boots traction abilities. Since the boots rubber sole wears down very quickly, its capability to grip weakens. To resolve this matter, I propose a solution to replace the Classic UGG boots outsole with a more durable, non-slip material. Replacing the outsole is a simple fix to UGG boot and consumers needs. This new design will remove the UGG boots grip concern and will still execute its societal standards. Redesign of the Classic UGG boot

Originating from Australia, the UGG boot has become a hit sensation worldwide. Adopted by Australian surfers and West Cost Americans to keep their feet warm after a long day of surfing, the sheepskin boot became a huge success. Its sheepskin material, previously used by RAF pilots in WWI, was also put to use in avoiding frostbite on long missions (Coleman, 2010). The need for comfort and warmth is what drew attention to the infamous UGG boot, especially in chilly environments such as Minnesota. UGG boots have been well liked also because of their convenience to slip on and off however, it is nothing more than a glamorized slipper that is not appropriate for cold, damp environments. This paper considers the UGG boots flaws, reasonable solutions and its societal standards. Description of Artifact

The Australian UGG boot, cozy by appearance, is primarily made with twin faced merino sheepskin leather. Its exterior is delicate like suede and the interior strictly fur (Figure 1). The boot has a shaft circumference of 14 inches and a twinface height of about 8 inches, reaching right below the middle of your calf. The sole of the boot is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) and is about 1 inch thick (Figure 2). The EVA manufactured sole is pressed to the...
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