Marketing Plan for Gelato

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Executive Summary

As the amelioration of living standard, the requirement in quality of life also improved. Accordingly, people do not only satisfy their basic needs, but also seek for a sense of relish. The notice of this Epicureanism enhances the idea of commencing GELATO.

GELATO will be the leading ice cream manufacturer and wholesaler in territory 30. GELATO will produce three products for three different segments; family, gourmet and lifestyle. Each product will have different tastes, cream content, packaging...etc. Each of these features will be further discussed in this marketing plan.

Ice cream is a seasonal product, due to this seasonal impact, GELATO's marketing mix; the 4Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place) will change in different seasons. In general speaking, summer (period 7-9) is our peak season of sales while the others are off peak season.

During the peak season, GELATO's product will change in terms of flavour, scheduled production, packaging and cream content; there will be detailed information in the product part of this marketing plan.

In promotion, the sales team size and promotion budget of each segment will change in the peak season, more salesperson and greater promotion budget will be used during the peak season, also different promotion campaign will be used.

The third one is Price; the prices of 3 products are not the same, different segments have different purchasing power, for example, family has a relatively low purchasing power when compared to the other two segments (Gourmet and Lifestyle), so the price set for family segment is the lowest.

Lastly, Place, in this case is how and where we sell our ice cream. There are two distribution channels, supermarket and specialty stores. In different seasons, the portion of products sells in these two channels will vary as to maximize the number of sales. It will be further discussed in the later part of this plan.

Target Market

The target market of GELATO is separated into three main market segments, which are:

Ø Family: adults and kids make up this segment; they demand good value for money.

Ø Gourmet: young single/couples with no kids, ice-cream is about ego.

Ø Lifestyle: older people and younger women, they are watching their diet for one reason or another.

Each of these segments has 3 segment varieties, which can have quite different characteristics, different consumption patterns and different product preferences.

The family segment

Demographics: adults and kids

male and female

single and couple

Geographic: the company is operating in Territory 30

Behaviours: ice-cream would satisfy consumer's physiological needs and personal needs in this segment.

At the beginning, about 60% of total potential sales are from customers in this segment. Consumers in this segment prefer products that offer value for money, but don't mind paying a bit more provided the quality is good. However, if the prices get too high, they will quickly move to alternative brands. So the consumers in this segment have strong preferences for lower priced brands of the same or similar quality.

Also, consumers in this segment purchase ice-cream for other members of their household including partners and children. This affects these consumers' decisions regarding package size. Furthermore, children in this segment may have the main impact on the food purchasing behaviours, and children's need is also the major factor in determining brand selection in a number of product categories. So the promotion campaign and package in this segment may forces on children's flavours.

The gourmet segment

Demographics: between 25 and 40 years old

male and female

double income

single with no children

Geographic: the company is operating in Territory 30

Behaviours: ice-cream would satisfy consumer's personal needs in this segment.

At the beginning of the simulation, only 10% of total potential sales are from this...
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