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Japan is the country that have a lot of sweet ,so if we need to get this market .We must know the information and characteristic of customer .From the research, we found the customer like the ice cream are women ,children and teenager .The main competitors in Japan are Glico Group , TOMI Soft cream ,and MEIJI because they are all in the teenagers market that is the target market like I-berry company .The object of them like to focus only women but i-berry like to focus to every one ,every period of age .I-berry have a lot of flavor of ice cream , we have the taste from Thai fruit this is the popular flavor .We will think of the health it important of customer because we need the customer have the strong and good health.

The strengths of competitor is they are the brand original ,they know the base on customer and they have the royalty customer. The weakness of competitor are they have the old customer ,they don’t try to improve the brand new product.

Glico Group
Increasingly affluent lifestyles are making people more discerning regarding their dietary requirements and preferences. To meet diversified appetites, Glico implements a multifaceted business strategy with an expanding overseas business network. This includes Thai Glico, Shanghai Ezaki Glico Foods and General Biscuit Glico France. In Japan, various affiliates concentrate in their respective areas. For example, Glico Dairy Products supplies dairy products, drinks and desserts, while Glico Foods produces and markets ham, sausages and precooked meat products along with materials for processed foods. The Glico Group continues to expand the stage for its business activities in order to achieve “A Wholesome Life in the Best of Taste”Glico has its own original ice cream product lines. For instance, its “Giant Cone” features ice cream, chocolate and nuts in a large cone. This product has become a sensational hit for its appealing flavor combination...
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