Marketing Plan

Topics: Rhode Island, Providence, Rhode Island, Narragansett Bay Pages: 16 (4333 words) Published: March 7, 2011

A Marketing Plan Presented by:
Jorge L. Pichardo

Table of Contents
2.Critical Success Factors for My Marketing Plan3
Mission Statement4
Competitive Advantage4
3.Situation Analysis5
SWOT Analysis5
Competitor Analysis6
Company Analysis6
Customer Analysis6
Industry Analysis……………………………………………………………………..7
4. Market-Product Focus7
Marketing and Product Objectives7
Market-Product Grid8
Target Markets9
Points of Difference9
5.Augmenting my 4Ps Marketing Program Strategy10
Product Strategy10
Price Strategy11
Promotion Strategy11
Place Strategy12
6.Financial Projections12
Break-even Analysis13
7.Organization Detail13
8.Organizational Chart of Pasteles and Empanadas14

8.Implementation Plan14
9.Evaluation and Control during different life cycles15
Possible Deviations15
Possible Solutions15
10. Bibliography
Appendix A: Pasteles and Empanadas Menu16

Appendix A-1: Pasteles and Empanadas Beverages Menu17

Appendix B: Pasteles and Empanadas Flyer18
Appendix C: Pasteles and Empanadas Coupon19
Appendix D: Pasteles and Empanadas Survey20

1. Description

Spanish Pasteles and Empanadas will be a new Spanish eating establishment located in Providence Rhode Island. After researching the selection of Spanish appetizer food restaurants in the area of Providence, I realized the need for Spanish Pasteles and Empanadas in that area. Situated at the mouth of the Providence River, at the head of Narragansett Bay, the city's small footprint is crisscrossed by seemingly erratic streets and contains rapidly changing demographics. It is the home to about 180,000 people who earn around $32,000- $38,000 a year with a Spanish population of over 60% having origins in Dominican Republic ,Puerto Rico, Colombia, Bolivia, and Central America (particularly Guatemala. The inhabitants of Providence are not the only ones who like to enjoy their beautiful scenery. The city of Providence is geographically very compact, characteristic of eastern seaboard cities which developed prior to use of the automobile. It is among the most densely populated cities in the country. For this reason, Providence has the eighth-highest percentage of pedestrian commuters which can make it a potential Spanish marketing place to fulfill the needs and demand for pasteles and empanadas.

2. Critical Success Factors for My Marketing Plan

These are the critical success factors for my Pasteles and Empanadas appetizer business. First, I would like to get these desire outcomes. It is the desire for Pasteles and Empanadas to be known in customers’ minds as an appetizer Deli that will provide a tasty appetizer in a short amount of time for a relatively inexpensive price. This aspect of our marketing plan focuses on the strategic planning of Pasteles and Empanadas to make it a successful business. There are three areas that we will discuss: mission statement, financial and nonfinancial goals, and competitive advantage.

Mission Statement
To provide tourists and local citizens with a taste of Spanish pasteles and empanadas while enjoying the view of the beautiful city of Providence.

1.To make a 10% profits within the first three years of business.
2.Within five years, obtain a 20% profit from sales.
3.To maintain financial stability so that we can stay open year-round. Nonfinancial:
1.Within five years, expand our services and open other locations in the near city of Warwick RI.
2.To create a demand for business outside the tourist season.
3.Employ five to ten workers on average.
4.Within ten years, expand...
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