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KITKAT originally created and established in London, United Kingdom. Some history of Kitkat is started with The idea of Kitkat itself which has been made since 18th century. In 1935, it was the first launching of Kitkat and became instant hit in 1937 by Rowntree. In the following years sales of KIT KAT grew rapidly and it has become a star in the confectionery world. The link between KIT KAT and breaks has remained a consistent theme for over 70 years. Until 1949, KITKAT has been through many developments. Continue to 1958, Donald Gillies, an executive at advertising agency JWT in London developed the classic line: "Have a break, have a Kit Kat". In 1970, KITKAT did global expansion in Europe, USA and Japan. In 1990, there was also global expansion to China, Malaysia, India, Bulgaria, Venezuela, and Turkey. In 1988, Nestle Company saw a great opportunity to build on its long and proud heritage in the chocolate category. After a hard fought battle Nestlé emerged as the winner in acquiring the Rowntree business. From 1999 – 2000s there has many innovation of KITKAT in London, such as KITKAT Chunky, KITKAT Pop Choc, and KITKAT Orange, while in Japan as 2nd largest Nestle market, have been developed more than 100 recipes. Therefore, KITKAT Indonesia also wants to add new innovation to Indonesia market. [ (Kitkat, 2012) ]

PT. Nestle Indonesia is one of Nestle branch that is located in Jakarta Selatan, with its head office in Vevey, Switzerland. It is created by Henri Nestle, founded over 140 years ago by Henri Nestlé, a pharmacist. Nestle Indonesia has been operated since 1971, with more than 2600 staff, in 3 different industries such as Pabrik Kejayan, Pasuruan, Jawa Timur, Pabrik Panjang in Lampung and Pabrik Cikupa in Banten. More importantly, Nestlé motto "Good Food, Good Life" describes the company's ongoing commitment to combine science and technology to provide products that can meet the basic human needs for food and drink nutritious and safe to eat and delicious taste. In 2010, seeing the great potential market in Indonesia, Pabrik Kejayan has been expanded, and became one of the 10 largest Nestlé factory in the world. In this industry, we are going to create KITKAT new product. (PT.Nestle Indonesia, 2012)

Kitkat Indonesia plans to expand Indonesian Kitkat flavor by adding kitkat green tea flavor. We as marketers choose this flavor as kitkat future’s permanent flavor because green tea consists of natural and healthy substances. It has been famously known in Indonesian as herbal tea, that brings goods implications for the body, for instance antioxidant which helps human’s organ from dangerous chemicals and brings ageless to a person. It appeals to the society customers especially to women and girls who want to diet and looks young. More importantly, not only for girls, we want to segment our market for Kitkat’s lover and loyal customers as well. We have some segmentation variables in our marketing development. First, for geographic segmentation, we plan to firstly distributing to the whole java covering the size of Java Island of more than 132,107 sq. km [ (Asianinfo, 2010) ] with the density of fully the urban and suburban area then after that if it is successful to fulfill our target, we are going to fulfill the demands in Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan and whole Indonesia. Second, for demographic segmentation, based on the 2000 official census, it is the fact that more than 58% of Indonesian population live in Java Island, with the total of more than 110 million. [ (Nations, Encylopedia of, 2008) ] Therefore it already covers our marketing program for achieving the objectives. Furthermore, we would segment our target market that will be appealed to our new product in groups based on ages of teenagers from age 12 to 19 especially teens or girls who are in diet, due to the fact that KITKAT Green Tea less calories and no fat. As well as to adult from age 20...
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