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Marketing Plan: Phase III


Marketing Plan: Phase III
Innovation is a very important aspect for operating a business. Developing new products and services can increase a company’s brand name, growth as well as revenue. The success for many established companies that remain in business for many years is due to providing the same product or service of satisfaction to their consumers based on traditional habits for managing their establishment. There are those companies that believe in keeping business to the basics, there are those companies that thrive off the risk of new ideas and ways to expand the organization overall. Some businesses will make a point to implement new developments that presents value and quality for their consumer markets, while in the meantime giving off an impressionable reputation of success for the business.

A company like Walmart is always thinking of new ways to keep their brand name alive in the mind of many consumers. Although consumers can visit Walmart locations for a mixture of reasons, an organization like Walmart will always have to maintain their customer needs and dedication at all times. Creating a new service that will bridge the public closer to what is needed in their daily lives can be accomplished by gathering the resources from customer surveys. The input when acknowledged can be very beneficial to what the average buyer’s concerns are. Introducing a new service that gives customer the flexibility to choose between physically attending the facility for shopping purposes; having it delivered to one’s door step. In other words to expand a business environment, concepts such as improvisation, product, consumer input, and strategic ideas that recognizes the buyer’s interest is vital.

There are many attributes of the new service offered by Walmart. The benefits of grocery and pharmacy delivery will open the organization to many new customers as well as existing customers. Home delivery of these products will allow consumers the ability to purchase items from somewhere other than within the local store. For example, people who may have difficulty getting to the store due to a physical disability can utilize the service to purchase needed medications and food products without the difficulty of traveling. Another significant attribute of the delivery service is the convenience it can offer. With the option of home or business delivery companies will recognize the value of purchasing needed basics, like break room supplies, without having to send employees to purchase those same items while on company time. Also individuals who are too busy to visit the nearest Walmart will be able to make purchases from a more convenient location such as their home. For example, the ability to place a large grocery order for a holiday party would be a significant time saver for busy individuals. The ability to have pharmacy deliveries made to a home location would make access easier for people with the flu or contagious sicknesses. At the same time this would allow these same individuals to avoid traveling in public and potentially passing that same sickness to other store shoppers. Offering the convenience of home and business delivery or grocery and pharmacy products will provide an in demand service. Combining Walmart's low prices with the service will give consumers who cannot make it to a store a viable solution. Also busy individuals will have the flexibility and convenience of delivery when making purchases.

As we have established, Wal-Mart newly created service, the delivery service of both groceries and pharmaceutical, has been created in order to enhance Wal-Mart perception on their motto, Save money. Live Better. It is through this newly created service that Wal-Mart’s customer can truly get the best on both worlds by saving money, live in convince, and thus live better. Now when looking at this service or any service for that matter, one must take the product life...

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