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Example of Marketing Plan
This paper is mainly about the marketing plan of Superstar Pet Shop, a dog store. Several researches have be done to help this restaurant to achieve the goal of stopping losing money and increasing annual net income, such as research from the internet, survey and face to face interview. A simple analysis of the pet industry is involved in the paper. Through the SWOT analysis, a market strategy has been introduced. Because of the characteristic of product, place, prices and promotions, the future target market could be recognized as the students in University of La Verne and some customers of Macy’s shopping mall. This paper also puts out several recommendations based on the marketing survey and analysis. In the last part, this paper will introduces how to implement, evaluate and control the marketing plan.

Key word: target market, market strategy, market plan, SWOT analysis Contents
1.0 Company Description4
1.1 Business type4
1.2 Location4
1.3 Service offered5
1.3.1 Types of dogs offered5
1.4 Industry Analysis 8
2.0 Business mission9
3.0 Marketing Objectives10
4.0 Situation analysis11
4.1 Industry analysis11
4.2 SWOT analysis17
5.0 Target Market Strategy21
5.1 Current Target Market21
5.2 Target Market Strategy for the Future22
6.0 Marketing Mix Strategy25
6.1 Place25
6.2 Price28
6.3 Product31
6.4 Promotion 33
7.0 Implementation, Evaluation, and Control36
7.1 Marketing Research36
7.2 Financial Projections37
7.3 Timetable38
7.4 Summary38

1.0 Company Description
1.1 Business type
Super star pet shop is a local pet shop, the owner of this shop loves pets so much and has a lot of other business making profit. Although this a company for profit, the owner of this shop does not care about profit very much .What he cares about is having fun working with pets and giving pets the best they deserve. The owner also owns a breeding workshop all puppies sold super star shop are from that breeding workshop. The workshop and the pet store are connected . Customers who are not satisfied with puppies in pet shop can go to the workshop and choose their favorite ones. Customers who went to the workshop first to get their puppies are potential customers of the pet store because they need pet supplies. 1.2 Location

Super star pet shop is located in 18605 E Gale ave.#168,City of Industry, CA 91748. Where is very close to the Rowland Heights Plaza shopping center.Rowland Heights has a population of 48,993 people where a lot of Chinese people are staying there. The 99 Ranch Market and several Chinese restaurants are in the shopping center. Several bars and one karaoke are nearby.A lot students choose there to get together. A lot of office buildings are in the same area .Office workers always wander around for food ..Super star pet shop is in a good spot with a lot of potential customers .Super star pet shop has a lot of parking space at least 15 parking lots because a hospital is in the same building .The size of Super star pet shop is about 200 square meters and being divided into the out space and the inner space in half and half. The out space is for putting pet supplies including toys,food and clothe etc. A reception desk is standing in front of the door where receptionist can take care of incoming customers and the inner space is for pet parenting and pet grooming. The out space and the inner space are isolated with a glass wall considering the hair of pets might fly out. Customers can see through the glass wall to get the views of those lovely puppies in the showing case and there are around 10 showing case attached to the glass wall in the inner space. The whole area is clean and it used glass door and several glass windows which makes the sunlight come through easily even make the place look cleaner customers would feel all pets come from this place is healthy.

1.3 Service offered
Super star pet shop...
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