Marketing Plan

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Silk Soap Industries Ltd.

Marketing Plan

Letter of Transmittal

Course Teacher
Faculty of Business
SUB: - Application for Term paper on Marketing Plan.
Dear Madam
I am the students of” Marketing Management” course; here I would like to present you Term paper on “Marketing Plan” of Silk Soap. I am really appreciated by you for that this sort of term paper you give me. To prepare this marketing plan i endeavor to follow your instruction and i also tried to provide information about my plan, I want to state that this sort of term paper is assisting, gathering preconception before entering my Career life about Marketing Plan. I hope that within a very short time i enrich my Term paper in much depot knowledge with great devotion. Thank you for your kind co-operation and time.

Sincerely yours,

First of all I would like to show my gratitude to almighty Allah for kindness to me make the job done without any hesitation. Then i would like to give thanks my honorable maim Husna Ara, her kind appearance and instruction in every problem make me capable to preparing this term paper successfully.

Table of Content
Title| Page|
Executive summary | 06|
Chapter-1(Introduction)| 07|
1.1 Organization Description | 10|
1.2 product description| 13|
Chapter-2( Situation Analysis)| 15|
2.1 Competitor analysis| 16|
2.2 Distribution channel| 18|
2.3 Market share| 19|
Chapter-3(SWOT Analysis)| 20|
3.1 strength | 21|
3.2 Weakness| 21|
3.3 Opportunity | 22|
3.4 Threats| 22|
Chapter-4( marketing Strategy)| 23|
4.1 Target marketing| 24|
4.2 Market segmentation | 24|
4.3 pricing | 26|
4.4 Distribution| 27|
4.5 Positioning | 27|
4.6 Marketing communication| 28|
4.7 Product management| 29|
4.8 Marketing research | 29|

4.9 Promotion| 30|
Chapter-5(Action Program) | 31| Chapter-6(Financial projection/Analysis) | 34| Chapter-7( Implementation) | 39|
Chapter-8( appendix part)| 40|
Chapter-9( Conclusion)| 43|
Chapter-10( Reference )| 44|

Executive Summary
In Bangladesh soap manufacturing business is now in maturity stage. At present time many companies are producing soap. That is why we have so many competitors. I have learnt about various weakness and limitations from data that I have collected from many companies. So i decided to set up a soap industry by overcoming these limitations and weaknesses. my ultimate goal is capture the market as within 5 years by providing superior value to the customer at reasonable price and will be able to build strong brand image. However I have a plan to enter domestic market and subsequently the international market with its own brand once it has stabilized its procurement base, production process and quality of product and generated enough financial resources. I financed my business both equity and debt financing (60:40). And i manufacture two types of soap. Fairness and Anti-bacterial soap these two types of soap I will manufacture. Both the soap weighs differently. The fairness soap is 120 gm and the Anti-bacterial soap is 100 gm both the soap will be manufactured in the usual methods. I will use a systematic distribution channel by which will be able to reach my target customers and also will follow different marketing strategy to capture the market. But first one or two I may face...
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