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1.Executive Summary
This is AwfullyChocolate’s (AC) marketing plan designed for the period starting 1st January 2008 to 31st December 2008 which was founded by Miss Lyn Lee in 1998.

The plan began with the introduction of the company’s background and mission statement, followed by the situational analysis (SA) of the microenvironment and macroenvironment. The factors identified from SA are extracted to SWOT analysis classified into four different categories, namely strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.

Three marketing objectives were established. Marketing researches were conducted to collect the primary and secondary data needed to complete the marketing plan. Primary data were obtained from surveys while secondary data were obtained from the Internet, books and newspaper articles.

Marketing strategies were developed and assisted by survey results, comprising of the target segment, positioning and the marketing mix and the activities from these strategies are spread across the twelve months indicated in an action plan. Sales are then forecasted, after-which advertising and promotions budget are computed for 2008.

The control and evaluation procedures were establish to ensure the smooth implementation of marketing plan and the successful attainment of the set marketing objectives, with allowance for contingency plan to ensure there is back-up if any unexpected situation arises.

2. Introduction
2.1 Company Background

AwfullyChocolate (AC) is a unique and unconventional chain of chocolate cakes and ice cream boutiques founded in Singapore in 1998 by Miss Lyn Lee and Mr. John Yap. It has franchise stores in China, Indonesia and Taiwan and is set to expand in the region.

AC’s head office is at 81 East Coast Road, #02-01, Singapore 428785. Currently AC has four outlets located at Cluny Court, Katong Mall, Republic Plaza and Sembawang Hills.

2.2 Mission Statement

“Our philosophy is simple and unique. The focus is not variety but quality. Our product line is deliberately limited – even today. We don’t display our products. We don’t advertise (if we have to pay to say we’re good, we’re not that good). We don’t sell our cake in slices. And we don’t hard sell. We let you discover AwfullyChocolate your own way.” 3. Situational Analysis

3.1 Microenvironment - Internal Factors
3.1.1 Company’s Resources

AC has their own factory in Johor Bahru which bakes all their cakes. (See appendix A1)

AC’s own refrigerated vans deliver the finished products daily each morning to ensure the cakes arrived chilled and fresh. (See appendix A2) Other company’s resources include freezer for storing ice cream and the chillers for storing cakes at the outlets to ensure their freshness.

The main office has about ten staffs and every branch has two sales personnel.

3.1.2 Skills

AC’s sales personnel are required to undergo a series of training programs, attaining the necessary skills and techniques to handle different customers leaving a good lasting impression.

3.1.3 Existing Marketing Mix

• Products
AC sells All Chocolate cake, Chocolate Banana cake, Chocolate Rum & Cherry cake and “Hei” ice cream. Each cake is packed in a simple yet elegant square box (See appendix B1). The ice cream is packed in a very unique American-Chinese takeout style box. (See appendix B2)

• Price
The price of the 500 grams All Chocolate cake is $21.40, making it slightly more expensive than that of their competitors. (See Appendix C1 for complete AC prices and the comparison prices of competitors) However the quality differences enable customers who are seeking better quality cakes recognize the distinctive differences and find AC’s price reasonable.

Cakes are reshaped at $4.20 per kilogram and 3-dimensional shaping is charged at $5.25 per kilogram.

• Place
AC’s four outlets are located at Katong Mall, Cluny Court, Sembawang Hills and Republic Plaza. They are spread out around Singapore namely in...
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