Vodafone marketing in egypt

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Vodafone is a total communications provider, offering customers voice, data, and 3G broadband and fixed internet. Since its inception in 1998, the company has drawn on the global strength of Vodafone Group as well as its own in-house research and development of innovative products tailored specifically for the Egyptian mobile market.

The pioneering spirit of Vodafone Egypt’s corporate structure has allowed the company to continue investing in its network services and customer support with the intent to deliver a world-class customer experience.

The investment part of Vodafone Egypt represents one of several thoroughly-researched commitments made by the company to simultaneously fuel its short and long-term growth. In September 2006, the company’s general assembly approved the acquisition of 51% of Raya Telecom, a corporate communication leader, to broaden even further the range of communication services provided by Vodafone Egypt to the enterprise segment. Subsequently, Vodafone Egypt has increased its holding to 97.52%.

1. What is in a Marketing Plan? The marketing plan will cover the rationale for the business, it‟s unique differentiation, which the principals believe is not only right and appropriate for the area in which the business will be situated but also sets it apart from other similar operations in the surrounding area. In addition to this rationale, the targeting and positioning strategy will be outlined, along with the overall marketing strategy, communications and actionable marketing plan, including costing‟s for advertising and promotion of the new venture. Market Research Approaches Prior to commencing any research consideration was given to the following pertinent questions, (Reuvid) i. What and where is the main competition? ii. What are the potential customers looking for? iii. Where should the market positioning of the business be? iv. What is the profile of the target customer? v. What approaches should...
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