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1.Determine how the four Marketing Information System activities (Assessing information needs, Developing needed information, Using information and Distributing Information) would apply to Nintendo developing the information it needs to market a new game console.

The Marketing Information System (MIS) consists of people, equipment and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate and distribute needed, timely and accurate information to marketing decision makers. It is initiated by information users; in this case Nintendo’s marketing managers, who can better assess the information needs to develop and analyse the needed information before distributing and using the marketing information.

Nintendo’s marketing managers will have to assess the firm’s information needs before engaging in obtaining any information; balancing information they would like to have against what they need and what is feasibly obtainable. For example, Nintendo would be concerned with how the public receives its next release, and therefore should find out generally whether a motion-sensing capable console would be generally well received by the public(for the release of the Nintendo Wii). They should consider whether they are harnessing too much or little information to make key marketing decisions. Also, they should consider the availability of information, such as its competitors (Sony, Microsoft etc) advertising budgets and how the changes will affect market share, which will most likely not be available to the company. Also they should weigh the costs of obtaining information against the benefits resulting from it. It would be very beneficial for the company to do phone interviews with a large group of individuals that fall within its targeted demographic; however the high costs of doing so must be taken into consideration by the marketing managers.

Today, Nintendo focuses on continuously strengthening their branding and market share. They aim to be customer focused, through improving their structure to match and exceed customer expectations. In other words, to market a new next-generation gaming console, Nintendo needs to determine what consumers want and expect from a gaming console; as well as knowing more about its competitors to increase its competitive edge. This can be done by developing its needed information through building internal databases, marketing intelligence, marketing research and information analysis.

Building up-to-date and expensive internal databases can provide Nintendo with a competitive edge as they can be accessed quickly and easily compared to other secondary information sources. To market a new next-generation gaming console, Nintendo requires information about what features (e.g. hard disk space, video capabilities, network play capability, processor speed) consumers are interested in with regard to a gaming console. With internal information provided by the consumer research department, Nintendo will then be able to better manufacture a gaming console that will dominate the market, ensuring sales profit for the company. In addition, sales reports can help identify a target demographic that are generating the largest amount of profits (e.g. males from the age group 18-35 would be likely to purchase a Nintendo Wii), such that publicity campaigns to market the new gaming console can be better geared towards attracting the target demographic. For example, Nintendo launched the Wii with the intention of getting most teens and young adults as well as forty-plus year olds excited about the platform (and purchasing one of course) .

Marketing intelligence is the systematic collection and analysis of publicly available information about competitors and developments in the marketing environment. Such information allows companies to improve strategic decision making, assess and track competitors’ actions, assess and identify opportunities and threats early. Such information can be obtained internally, but...
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