Nintendo Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan Nintendo Encore|

1.Executive Summary4
2.Problem Statement4
3.External Analysis5
3.1 Macro Analysis5
3.1.1 Demographic5
3.1.2 Economic5
3.1.3 Social-Cultural6
3.1.4 Technological6
3.2 Meso Analysis7
3.2.1 Global Video Game Industry Sales7
3.2.2 New Trend in Video Game Industry8
3.2.3 Porter’s Five Forces9
3.3 Competitors Analysis10
3.3.1 Sony10
3.3.2 Microsoft11
3.3.3 Apple12
4.Internal analysis13
4.1 The Company13
4.2 Current Marketing Strategy13
5.SWOT Analysis16
5.1 Strengths16
5.2 Weaknesses16
5.3 Opportunities16
5.4 Threats16
5.5 Confrontation Matrix17
6.1 Segmentation17
6.2 Target Market22
6.3 Positioning22
7.1 Market Share Strategy23
We focus our area of expertise which is to entertain everyone, especially the household. We do not enter the segment that we don’t excel such as hardcore video games (wars, violence, etc.)23
7.2 Product Strategy23
We enter mobile gaming sector as the mobile gaming industry is booming. People are buying games and applications on every available device including iOS devices, smartphones, tablet PCs and more. Our main competitors, Sony and Microsoft are also jumping into the mobile gaming industry, in order to compete with them, we need to focus on the mobile industry.23

We should continue to Improve our current consoles. Some of the ways that we can do this is by letting the consumer play DVD and MP3s, giving the Wii remote a rechargeable battery, and allow the consumer to save games on an SD card.23

Product improvement will enable consumers to play social network games on Wii consoles, 3D games on Wii consoles.23
7.3 Pricing Strategy23
8. Objectives23
8.1 Long Term Goals23
8.2 Short Term Goals25
8.2.1 Operational Goals25
8.2.2 Financial Goals25
To increase a 3% of growth rate in UK operation by the end of 201225
To reduce costs of goods sold by 10% in the end of 201225
To increase profit margin by 5% from UK operation by in the end of 201225
To invest 5% more on promotional cost by the end of 201225
9. Marketing Mix25
9.1 Product25
9.2 Price25
9.3 Place25
9.4 Promotion26
13. Appendix28

1. Executive Summary
At the moment, Nintendo is facing some serious problems regarding to its decreasing sales revenue, less productive and less innovative. It is important that in the coming three until five years that the company can gain back or even increase its sales and thus to reach higher annual growth rate. To overcome those problems mentioned above, Nintendo needs to focus on their competitive advantage and also entering new segment in the mobile gaming as well as social media gaming. From the external analysis we can see that UK is one of Nintendo’s most potential markets since it holds 12% of market share in video game industry. Furthermore, the increase use of mobile devices and internet connections have also been new opportunities for the company. Meanwhile, strong competitors (e.g. Sony and Microsoft )and the existence of substitute products (e.g. mobile gaming and social network gaming )have also caused serious threats to our company to lose more market share . Our company offers various product lines for its Nintendo Wii, namely “Wii Fit” which is a fitness game,” Wii Balance” Board which enables players to "head" virtual soccer balls and to experience ski jumping on a TV screen. Besides, handheld console like Nintendo DS is also our second best product. However, all these current product lines are apparently not sufficient in strengthening our sales revenue. Therefore new strategies formulated, they include improving our current Nintendo Encore consoles, inventing new 3D game consoles, and also switching handheld gaming to...

References: [ 12 ]. Video Game Industry, 2008., accessed by March 2012
[ 13 ]
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