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Section 28.1 key terms:
Marketing research- the marketing function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information. Marketing information system- a set of procedures and methods that regularly generates, stores, analyzes, and distributes marketing information for use in making marketing decisions. Database- a collection of related information about a specific topic. Read and Outline Section 28.1 pg. 505-507

I. Marketing Information Systems
A. Defining Marketing Research
1. this involves linking the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information
2. involves the methods used to gather information, analyze it, report findings related to marketing goods and services.
3. the primary emphasis is to obtain information about the preferences, opinions, habits, and trends of current potential customers. B. Why is marketing research important?
1. Market research can make or break a business.
2. The major goal is to increase sales and profits
3. the information obtained through research helps businesses plan their future operations C. Who uses marketing research?
1. Organizations of any size use it.
2. Marketing research is conducted by a variety of business groups and the government. 3. Larger companies have formal research departments.

Read and Outline Section 28.1 pg. 508-510
I. Marketing Information Systems
A. Marketing informations systems
1. Marketing research reports that are produced and sold by research firms 2. Company records, such as sales results, expenses, supplier data, and production schedules. 3. Competitors' records, such as their prices, products, location and market share. B. Marketing Databases

1. collections of related info about a specific topic
2. companies use the info to send its card members special offers on hotels, restaurants, and travel. 3. outdoor products retailers have a database of the people whom it sends catalogs. C. Difficulties of Marketing Information...
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