Marketing Implementation

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When the marketing plan implementation does not successful of marketing plan which practitioners expected which, they have to used a range of structural and behavioural intervention strategies to improve their marketing performance, such as, According to Cravens and Piercy, 2006 have been mention that “exiting from a product/service market, new product planning, changing the targeting market strategy, adjusting marketing strategy, pr improving efficiency”. However those two interventions strategy can be solved the problem that to identify how their performance does not meet planned expectation marketing. Moreover there are many implementation problems such as customer complaint, customer service problem, customer-suppliers disputes, poor morale, poor inter-functional co-ordination, loss defined objectives, strategies, when its happening to marketing plan that can using the potential structural and behavioural intervention strategies to identify the meaning, role and context in which these intervention strategies could be effectively used, thus in this essay can show that when the implementation problem occur to marketing and how intervention strategies can be solved the problem that occur in the marketing.


Initially, in the marketing plan implementation, each company have to expectation about accomplishing to their marketing and then when they have problems in their marketing, for example, DSK company is about express delivery company which now on they have problems customer complaints because too late in delivery to customer and have not received delivery that problem lead to this company having bad customer service problems and can be lead to other problems which, lost in delivery and however that can lead to they might loss of trust between customer and supplier. As the example before you can see that DSK express delivery’s company have been some problem in their business such as customer complaint, customer service problems and loss of trust between customer and supplier. That can lead to DSK express delivery’s company does not meet in their goal that they expectation and also there are gap in the marketing implementation that can lead to that company cannot meet accomplish in their company. However in the way to improvement in processing marketing which having gap to implementation and problem in their marketing which we can identification to each problem to each intervention strategies to solved that problem which can identify potential behavioural intervention strategies and also identify in meaning, role and context in which could be effectively used.

Intervention strategies

When the marketing have problems that show in the background, that you can seen the problems in DSK express delivery’s company. However practitioners decided to use a range of structural and behavioural intervention strategies to improve performance. Moreover, there are some appropriate intervention techniques to improve performance in the case of DSK express delivery’s company, such as development of effective organization design and structural which use of CRM programs, service quality and customer retention programs. That is some of techniques that we trying to solve in problems of DSK express delivery’s company. And there still have more techniques to solve it.

-Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy

Initially, Development of effective organization design and structure, use of CRM programs. Actually, CRM stand for Customer Relationship Management. Firstly we have to understand the meaning of Customer Relationship Management. The term CRM is somewhat open-ended because it means very different things in different circumstances and this reflects the rapid evolution and development of this approach to meaning customer relationships and also the term is often used to embrace anything from automated customer contact systems to increase sales-force productivity, to customer...
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