How Marketing Research Can Improve Customer Service of Popular

Topics: Customer service, Marketing, Sales Pages: 2 (681 words) Published: March 14, 2011
There are several steps in a marketing research process. First step is defining the problem. Problem can be said as the matter or things occurred which will lead to the customer unsatisfied. Defining the problem can involve several tasks such as interviewing with industry experts, having discussion with decision makers and secondary data analysis. After visiting the POPULAR, we found out that there are few problems which made us unsatisfied. For example, some of the outlets such as Tesco POPULAR, the area of the outlet is quite narrow and the environment is messy. Furthermore, some of the books do not arrange properly, this will cause the customers face a lot problems and inconvenient to search for their books. The first two steps in the marketing research can really help POPULAR to improve customer service. The second step of the marketing research is developing an approach to the problem. Defining the problem which related to customer service can let POPULAR to know what their weaknesses are and what they should further improve in their management. After defining the problem, an approach is then developed to solve the problem. The employees should be given some training before they are employed. They should keep the environment tidy and clean to make the customers feel comfortable when they are in the POPULAR outlets. Therefore, the problem which might lead to customer unsatisfactory can be solved. With an appropriate approach, customer service can be improved and satisfy customer’s needs and wants, thus, POPULAR can gain the customer loyalty and customer retention. POPULAR considered as a self-service bookstore. Many customers do not refer to the employee and they like to search on themselves. Customers might feel frustrated if the book they search does not exist in the bookstore. Base on this problem, the marketing researcher can search some information and develop and approach to solve this problem. The approach which Popular can do is come out with smart...
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