Marketing and Samsung

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Multi-touch Pages: 28 (7040 words) Published: October 10, 2013

Samsung Electronics

Galaxy Tab

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 3
1.0 Industry Overview 5
1.1 Industry Summary 5

1.1.1 Industry Size and Growth 5

1.2 Company Analysis 6 1.3 Areas of Concern 7
1.3.1 Global battles over patents in the tablet industry 7 2.0 Applying Kanter’s “New Wisdom” Theory 7
2.1 Core Competencies 8 2.2 Time Compression 8 2.3 Continuous Improvement 8 2.4 Relationships 9 2.5 Assessment based on Kanter’s New Wisdom Analysis 10

3.0 Applying Day & Wensley’s Theory 11
3.1 Key Success Factors of the Tablet Industry 11 3.2 Assessment of Samsung’s Sources of Advantage 12 3.3 Assessment of Samsung’s Positional Advantage 13 3.4 Match between Industry Key Success Factors and Samsung’s Sources of Advantage 14 3.5 Performance Outcome 15 3.6 Re-Investment 16 3.7 Assessment based on Day & Wensley Analysis 17

4.0 Challenges 17

5.0 Recommendations 18

Appendices 21 References 27

Executive Summary     
The rapid developments in technology sector accelerate the growth of the tablet industry and put pressure on the intensity of competition. Samsung Electronic entranced into this booming industry by Samsung Galaxy Tab and it allow them to take root in second space of the tablet market. The fast market adoption and the increasing customer demand lead to the industry is expected to continuous expanding in the next few year. However, as the prior analysis identified that the tablet industry is moderately attractive and market share stays uneven that it dominated by...

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