Case study week 3

Topics: Futurology, Political campaign, Prediction Pages: 2 (858 words) Published: August 16, 2015
Aaron Blakey
Professor Phillip O'Meally
Survey of Software Systems
26 July 2015

Week 3 Questions Assignment

1. Describe the difference between transactional and analytical information, and determine which of these types Spotlight used to identify its 10 tribes.

The difference between transactional and analytical information is that transactional is a current transaction, whereas analytical looks at long term trends. In order to identify people as one of ten, Spotlight uses analytical information. Analytical information is so important because with it, companies are able to organize and analyze their data. Transactional data is important also, and is necessary to help businesses make short term and immediate decisions to alter current transactions that might be going on in that moment or immediate future.

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2. Explain the importance of high-quality information for political micro-targeting.

Arguably, micro-targeting might be most valuable of all new technologies when it comes to political campaigning. That is no small feat, as there are a large number of new technologies that have emerged, and are emerging, and changing the way campaigns are run. A number of these new technologies can be observed in Internet fundraising, blogs, machine calls, satellite television; all are examples of new technologies that are changing the way people communicate. Despite this long list of technologies and ways of politicians reaching their potential voters, these resources are limited. Micro-targeting makes all of these techs, and even the tried and tested door-knocking and paper mail, even more efficient. The importance of high-quality information is that it essentially attributes to a campaigns success. High-quality information allows for a sort of targeted campaigning to take place, crafting the messages or signs to send a message that is more...

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4. In terms of political micro-targeting, explain the following sentence: It is never possible to have all of the information required to make 100 percent accurate predictions.
Simply put, you cannot one hundred percent predict the future. It is impossible to collect the amount of necessary data to without chance of error make a prediction. This is even more true when considering politics and voters, humans are impossible to predict. The decision is left completely up to voters and they decide who to give their vote to. Political micro-targeting only allows for a campaign to have some idea of where the swing voters might be so that way they can better prepare their campaign to target them.
5. Do you agree that political micro-targeting signals the dehumanization of politics?
In my opinion, I do not think there is humanity remaining in politics and even more so when it comes to campaigning. Through the utilization of new technologies, politics has shown the importance of these technologies on influencing their voters. The good 'ol door to door campaigning, or signs in the yard, seem to be getting replaced by TV segments in certain areas that have a different message due to the targeting of a different crown of people within the local population.
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