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Soft drink industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India; India with population of more than 100 crores is potentially one of the largest consumer markets in the world after China. Soft drink is a typical consumer product purchased by individuals to quench thirst and secondly for refreshment. The Indian soft drink market is primarily ruled by two multinationals. While there are some regional players of repute, none have been able to expand their presence to the national level. Knowledge of the key attributes that drives the target customer will help these players to understand what makes the multinationals successful and how to design their product offerings so as to take compete with the established product of these multinationals. Searching for the point of Indian soft drink market, researcher first documented on Gold Spot, this was the first soft drink brand in India. It was introduced by PARLE during later part of 40’s. Cola giant, Coca-Cola was the first foreign soft drink MNC introduced in India in 1965, Coca-Cola India made a very aggressive beginning and dominated the whole market right from the inception into the market. Coca-Cola left India in 1977 and reentered in the year 1993 after Liberalization, in collaboration with PARLE INDIA LTD. Through this research paper researcher has tried to make an attempt to study the major marketing strategies implemented by Coca-Cola Company in India as well as the vital driving attributes behind the success of Maaza brand.

1.To study the non-cola beverages market.
2.To study some of the major marketing strategies implemented by Coca-Cola for its brand “Maaza” in fruit drink segment. 3.To study the different competitors of Maaza and substitutes available in Indian market. 4.To study the taste and preferences of the consumer with respect to the brand Maaza. 5.To study the variables that plays vital role in the success of the brand Maaza. 6.To offer the suggestions about

a)The key growth opportunities in emerging market.
b)The improved strategic ways to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

During the course of research the information has been gathered from the literature review, the consumers, the retailers and the distributors. Data Collection: The present research has been undertaken to study the marketer’s strategy right from their inception into the market to their development and acquisition of market leading position. The types of data and major sources for it are as follows. Primary data: Primary data has been collected from the respondents (Distributors, retailers and consumers). Printed questionnaire and interview schedule has been used as data collection tool. Data has been collected from

Super Bazaar
Retail outlets like
1.Hotels & Restaurants
2.Canteens/Snacks centers
3.Railway stations, bus stand etc
4.Cinema theaters
Secondary data: For secondary data the research published in various periodicals, magazines and journals and news papers available on internet annual reports and websites has been taken under consideration. For example:

1.Indian Journal of Marketing
2.9th Oct 2007 Times of India 6-7.
3.Kotler, P. Marketing Management: A south Asian perspective. 4.Kothari, C.R. Research Methodology.
Sample Universe/Population-The respondents for the research undertaken are Distributors which are finite in number, retailers which are infinite and scattered all over the city, and off-course the consumers which are also infinite in numbers, so for this entire population/ universe the sampling technique has been as follows; Sample DesignSampling Technique

DistributorsCensus survey
RetailersPurposive Sampling
ConsumersPurposive Sampling

Sample Size: It consists of total 200 respondents. They are classified as follows. DistributersRetailersConsumersTotal
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